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To quote a well pointed out issued:
Post massively edited (16/11/2013) after musing on it for a bit longer:

Items for Errata:

It doesn't seem to be stated how you determine a Sprite's skill points/skill levels. Presumably it is equal to Resonance or Device Rating, which are both actually equal to Level?
Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to calculate a Sprite's 'real world' attributes which are needed when a Sprite carries out standard Matrix Actions (e.g. crack file needs to use Logic). three ways this could go I think:
1: Sprites 'real world' attributes are also equal to level. This makes sense, but see observations below, why not just make all tests that Sprites make simply be level x2 [relevant living persona rating]?
2. we are supposed to reverse the Living Persona table meaning a Sprites 'logic' for example is equal to it's Data Processing meaning that a Data Sprite has a Logic score of Level +4. This makes sense, but may be too powerful.
3. Sprites don't have 'real world' attributes therefore they only get to roll relevant skill rating + 0 [relevant living persona rating] on their tests. This would make them completely useless of course, but it's an option.

Observation about Sprites in general:

It all seems a little more complicated than it actually has to be. E.g.

  • Device and Resonance are equal to Level (so I wonder why bother to even track these things separately).
  • There's no explanation of skills, but they're likely equal to Device or Resonance, i.e. also equal to Level.
  • Living Attributes are all based on Level, and vary according to the type of sprite summoned. We don't know the calculation for "real world" attribute equivalents such as Logic, but it's either zero, equal to linked persona attribute which is based on level, or is straight out equal to Level
  • The Matrix Condition Monitor calculation actually uses Level not directly Device Rating (calculation states 8 + Level/2)
  • Whether the DV of compiling a sprite is physical or stun is based on directly comparing the Sprite Level against your Resonance rating.

Everything, in fact, appears to be equal to or based directly on level. So why muck about with including skills names in the calculations under the various Sprite Power entries? Why not just say Sprites substitute Level for Skill rating and be done since all Sprite Power tests already seem to already effectively be Level x2 [Sprite living persona Attribute].

I mean, here's the Cookie test:

Hacking + Resonance [Sleaze]  vs (whatever)

Unless there is something very significant missing from the book, Hacking must ultimately be equal to Level, whether based on Device or Resonance score. Resonance is certainly equal to level. Sleaze is equal to Intuition + a modifier based on the type of Sprite.  Why not then just say 'use Level in place of resonance, device rating and skill ratings'?

So the test is really just Level x2 [Sleaze].

Diagnostics is Hardware + Level [Date Processing]... but that is effectively Level + Level [Data Processing], with Data Processing being equal to Level + a modifier based on the type of Sprite

So the test is really just Level x2 [Data Processing]

And so on, and so on.

The skill list shown for each Sprite in the Sprite Database then simply becomes a limit on what kinds of Actions a sprite can carry out (no skill, can't take the action) in just the same way as the powers list under each Sprite does (no power listed, can't use the power).

All Sprite Power tests then can simply be shown in each section as Level x2 [relevant persona attribute]. Nice and simple, and applicable to any other matrix action or test that might involve a skill - you just use Level in place of the skill.

The only thing left unknown then (which is still unknown regardless of how Skills are calculated) is what to do about ordinary Matrix Actions because we don't know what the 'real world' attribute calculation is supposed to be.

E.g. Brute Force is normally Cyber Combat + Logic [Attack]. The cybercombat is easy - for a sprite that's Level (we think), for a technomancer it's Cybercombat skill. Attack is easy - for a Sprite that's Level + a modifier based on the type of Sprite. Logic is easy when it's a technomancer... but what is it for a Sprite? Is it = Level (which is the basis of the Data Processing stat which in a Technomancer is simply equal to Logic), or is it = Data processing (since for a technomancer the relationship would be 1:1), or is it zero?

Take a L3 Fault Sprite wanting to use Data Spike. Is the calculation:
  • 3 + 3+1 [3+3] or
  • 3 + 3 [3+3] or
  • 3 [3+3]

TL:DR could Sprites get some Attributes? Are they identical to their ASDF?


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« Reply #1 on: <11-26-16/0513:37> »
So I can't speak to whether a Sprite's Charisma is equal to its Attack, Logic equal to Data Processing, etc. (although that is how I would assume it is without rules stating otherwise). But I do want to voice a quick word on the part of that quoted statement about why the Sprite Powers are written using Skill + Attribute rather than just Level x2. It is because this way it leaves things open to allow other beings to use the powers also. At the very least, with the addition of Emergent Critters in Howling Shadows, I'm sure there is the possibility for a Critter to simply have a Power from the Sprite list, and they don't have skills set to a certain value. So having that write-up of what skills and attributes to use matters.

But yes, a clarification for Sprites on what their "Mental Attributes" are would probably be a good thing to have.


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« Reply #2 on: <11-27-16/0539:55> »
Pretty sure you're supposed to replace the attributes with the Level, as in most Matrix things, Hosts for example.
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On the other hand, spirits have varying attributes instead of everything being equal to their Force.