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Custom Spell Effects


So I'm translating my PC's from 5E to Anarchy and I've hit a snag.
One PC in my group (for story reasons) has Turn To Goo from Street Grimoire. Any ideas on a non-gamebreaking way to let him keep it? I already know the cooldown will be strong with that one.
Which leads to the bigger question. What are some custom spell effects you have made for Anarchy?

We have:

Detect Enemy (spell) (Amp Level 2): When Surprise Threat is played, the mage gains a Plot Point.  (This represents the mage's ability to see trouble coming and Double time it or Shake it up, etc. and it only works when enemies show up, not other threats like tripwires or traps.)

Phantasm (spell) (Amp Level 1): Creates convincing illusions of objects, people, or scenes.  (This is just a story telling trick and does not affect dice.)


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