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Find those drones (rules)!

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I really don't understand how drones should work. Do they have one attack each? How do I create one? When buying them, how do I define if they are Heavy, Medium or Small (pg 135)?

Just ran in the same road block you did when brainstorming a Ganger character. I can't find any info on the actual Drones on the Riggers featured in the book either.

They are Shadow Amps that grant attacks, and equipment/weapons.

So they can't attack alone? I can't tell them to attack something while I do some other thing? And they don't have stats (Logic, etc.)? They are not NPCs, like a summoned spirit? Because enemy drones are NPCs and they don't work like that.

The Drivethru pdf just got updated with the missing rules!
Now Vehicles and drones have proper stats.


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