Cyberdecks: how do they work?

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« on: <10-08-16/1412:09> »
As far as I can tell, the base cyberdeck costs 2 amps and has the stats of Firewall: 1, Reroll: 1, Condition: 6, Program 1.

From there we can see that Deck 2 costs 3 and has +1 firewall and +3 condition.

Deck 3 costs 4, and has +1 reroll and +1 firewall on top of Deck 2.

Deck 4  costs 5, and has +3 condition and + 1 program over Deck 3.

So, we can see that +1 Firewall, +1 reroll, +3 condition, and +1 program each cost 0.5 amps. Which does not follow the rules on the Add Effects table on p65. However I think this might be fair as Matrix actions are some what limited in their real world effects compared to something like magic or a gun. Also, these rules give us enough of a framework to allow us to create our own decks, which is cool.

In contrast programs seem to follow the normal conventions better. 1 amp point for a program, +1 extra amp point for an effect. However their effects seem to be more limited but more potent. Like Exploit or Track, which allow rerolling 2 dice for non-combat actions, though I do wonder the point of them as clearly the cyberdeck already allows rerolling Matrix actions in general. Though Mugger, is more limited in scope as it can only effect cyber combat and only offers 1 reroll in comparison. Though, considering it is somewhat difficult to "heal" matrix damage, it has a more lasting effect then non-combat Matrix actions, so it's cost might be in line.

Hammer is one of the more interesting amps as it offers a flat +2 damage, which no other amp does. Well, I guess technically armor penetration does too, but it only works on armor.

Speaking of which Cybercombat damage seems to work like direct spells in SR5, where only net hits count as damage. This makes sense, as condition monitors in the Matrix are much lower then in meat space since there is no armor to buff up HP.

The Biofeedback program is interesting. So odds are people will have physical condition monitors of 10 or so, compared to their decks which will be 6, 9, or 12. While it might be faster to brick someone's deck, dealing biofeedback damage will hit an enemy decker with negative dice modifiers, so it might be more beneficial to do go straight for their brain meats.

Also, Technomancers seem to be more balanced and not incredibly worse then deckers, which is a nice change of pace from SR5. One of the most notible advantages I see TMs having is that they get to defend with logic x2, which will normally be larger then a deckers logic + firewall, as the best deck has a firewall of 3, while obviously TM's can have more logic then that.

Also, Resonance Spike might actually be over powered as it does 8 Matrix damage, which is pretty insane, as it means TMs can one shot a lot of electronics. And it only costs 2 amps.


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« Reply #1 on: <10-08-16/1642:14> »
At /u/ockbald's suggestion, I am posting this here as well...

Because the book never states how cybercombat damage is calculated (either with a damage code or a statement of net hits = damage), I am doing the following in my games:

Hacking + Logic vs. Logic + Firewall; Damage = [Logic]S

This makes it more in line with melee attacks, ranged attacks, spell attacks, resonant attacks (Resonance Spike), even banishing spirits and decompiling sprites. This normalizes the rules (because no other attack delivers 1 damage per hit), and puts hacking more on par with tasking damage. There is an issue of defense though, so there is one more step:

Double all cyberdeck Firewall stats

That way a +3 (now 6) Firewall will have a similar dice pool (Logic + 6 dice) for defense as a Logic 6 Technomancer (12 dice). It also makes IC (with 15 defense dice!) a less insurmountable obstacle. Ever try to burn down IC one net success at a time? It doesn't work. One should also invest in defensive programs too, like damage reduction (which must exist because p. 46 has this, "Any Shadow Amps that reduce cybercombat damage can be used to lower the damage received.")


Sprites should have 2 stats, Firewall and Logic; and 3 skills, Hacking, Tasking, Tracking.

The stats they threw up on the PDF update make no sense: They have no Firewall (so have no defense), no tasking skill (so they cannot use their technomancer amps), waste stats on WIL/CHA (never had them before and cannot use them), and their stats are too low compared to spirits/IC/small children, especially considering you can only have one.
So... that's me. Let the math-hammering begin!
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