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"Only one Shadow Amp can affect a rollís outcome" what is that really mean?

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Well, rerolling failed dice and extra dice is equal provided you have at least as many failed dice as extra dice.
Which means that for the higher bonus, it is equal if you have at least 3 failed dice

Rip Cord:
Hint for anyone that doesn't know Opti wrote part of the book. Trust him.


--- Quote from: Rip Cord on ---Hint for anyone that doesn't know Opti wrote part of the book. Trust him.

--- End quote ---
Oh! good to know :-)

Opti then, can you clarify the intend, what is not supposed to stack, twice the very same effect?

I'd also like clarification on the intent of putting Agility Re-rolls in Cyber/Bio Arms.  More Dice (or Re-rolls) on Agility would potentially be one of the most efficient Amps as so many rolls are from Agility.  Is it intended to put some Narrative constraints on Agility Amps, or was it just coincidence?

For clarification, Cyber-arms re-roll Agility test, but it's difficult to justify some Agility tests as being "Arms".  Sneaking for example.  Defense Tests possibly.  Most Athletics tests.

Just wondering on the intent. 

After thinking about it and playing the game, I have adjusted my stance on this.  I thought that "only one Shadow Amp can affect a rollís outcome" was a game balance thing, to stop munchkins, etc.  But now I think it might be an... editing oversight?  Combined with, "if two or more could apply to the Test, you must choose one effect to apply," it seems pretty clear you get 1 shadow amp per roll (your choice) except for 4 things:

1) Opti's curt clarification (above).
2) p. 90 Chrome Bison has both DERMAL PLATING 2 (Reduce damage taken by 2. Ė1 Essence) and ALUMINUM BONE LACING 2 (Reduce damage taken by 2. Ė1 Essence) which have the same exact mechanic.  Spending 6 Shadow Amps on these if they do not stack would be ridiculous.
3) From actual game play, it is much more fluid if you do NOT have to choose one SA over another.  Trying to figure out what would be better in any given situation would be far more disruptive to game play than just adding dice AND re-rolling failures.
4) Custom cyberware and combining effects into one SA trivializes this "only one SA" rule anyways.

Skip it, move on, and make a great story.


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