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Shadowrun Anarchy is out!

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Just picked up my copy on Drivethru RPG. 

218 pages.  Quick spin through, it looks like Matrix, Astral Space, and Rigging got some optional rules added over what the pre-view had. 

Pre-Edging you add 1 Dice now, can't recall if that was in the pre-view or not.

Of course character generation and advancement are in.  Looks really simple, about on par with Dungeon World, Fate or similar Narrative RPGs. 

Lots of pre-gen PCs, like about 30 .  Little light on Critters and NPCs only a couple pages of those.

And around 40 Runs, some one-shots, some multi-part runs.

Go forth.  Buy a copy.   


Will a dead tree version be published at some point? I am sorry if this has been discussed already, but I think I glitched my Google-roll.

Patrick Goodman:
Yes, but no specific release date as yet.

Thank you, Patrick, that is definitely good news. I miss Shadowrun very much, and this just might get our group going again.


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