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I'll get to typos and formatting oversights later on but the pressing needs are with some systemic breaks:

1) How does counterspellingwork? It's a specialization (on pg. 32, and on Tommy Q, pg. 127) but the mechanics are never mentioned.  How do they work on combat spells?  effect spells?  [Edit] I might suggest the following:  for an effect, make a Sorcery + Willpower vs the spell's caster's Sorcery + Willpower, if the counter spelled gets a net hit, the effect is cancelled.  For a combat spell, the player may defend against a spell with sorcery + Willpower instead of the listed defense.  To protect a teammate, you must spend a Plot Point to Take the Hit.

2) How much armor do friendly Shadow Amp Drones have? Enemy Drones are mentioned on pg. 135, but there is no method I can see to distinguish your own drones as small, medium, or heavy.

3) Vehicle Durability is mentioned on pg. 48 and never again. What is it? It also mentions Ramming weapons?

4) What are the stats of IC or Sprites like?  [Edit] I see IC on pg. 179.  Don't bury it in a Contract. Put it with the rest of the NPCs.

5) Can Edge be increased with Karma as any other attribute? I assume so but no mention of it on pg. 70-71.

6) Why does a Drone Mounted Machine Gun have the same stats as a Heavy Pistol on pg. 135 and 206, but a Heavy Weapon MG (also pg. 206) has different stats that are much better than an Assault Rifle?

7) Shadow Amps that are "just gear" (like lined coat, pg. 204; or top-end B&E kit, pg 107, etc.) do not have a base cost on the Shadow Amp Table, pg. 65. Can we assume it is the same: 1 to HAVE, 1 more for it to DO something?  it should be spelled out.

8. Cyberdecks have conflicting stats and reference to something not included in SR:A.  Pg. 45 says a cyberdeck has a CM of (DR/2) +8, but DR is not mentioned in Anarchy. On pg. 65, it says a starting cyberdeck (Amp Level 2) has Firewall 2 and CM 8.  On pg. 203, the Cyberdeck 1 (Amp Level 2) has a Firewall of 1 and a CM of 6.

9) Cybercombat on pg. 45 gives no indication of how to calculate matrix damage.  There are ways to increase it (+2 from Hammer) but +2 to what?  My guess is Logic (like decompiling a sprite) but it should be spelled out.

10) Take the Hit on pg. 36 refers to spending an Initiative Point.  What is that?  Assuming it means "Plot Point."

11) Not a System Break but every other edition has described how Fire works within the system.  Page 50 does not list Fire as an Environmental Condition.

12) Page  206 has Staff/baton/club listed as dealing Physical Damage, but on pg. 41 it says, "...blunt weapons, do stun damage."

Speaking of Cyberdecks, they are not consistant:

p. 65 Base Cost Cyberdeck (Amp 2): no reroll?, FW 2, CM 8, ? programs.

p. 203 Cyberdeck 1 (Amp 2): reroll 1, FW 1, CM 6, 1 program.

p. 203 Cyberdeck 2 (Amp 3): reroll 1, FW 2, CM 9, 1 program.  (Bit-Bucket's Cyber-4 matches this, though his Ares Predator V is weaker than most. LOL.)

p. 101 Jinn's Cyber-4 (Amp 2): reroll 1, FW 2, CM 9, 1 program.

p. 203 Cyberdeck 3 (Amp 4): reroll 2, FW 3, CM 12, 2 programs.

p. 77 Gentry's Cyber-5 (Amp 5): reroll 2, FW 3, CM 12, 2 programs.

p. 43, 47, 68 refer to LN.  From context, it seems synonymous to GM, but it is not spelled out.  I imagine it stood for "Lead Narrator" or "Last Narrator" which was likely a concept that disappeared for the more recognizable "GM."

p. 65 to avoid confusion, "Gear" should be added as a type to "Shadow Amp Cost Table" to represent standard armor, standard weapon, standard equipment.

Then "+3 armor" should be added to "Added Effects" like it is described on pg.67.  This will clear up confusion with Shadow Amp Armor (spell) too.

just collecting and posting these without edit or comment...

 For example the link to the official Shadowrun website is wrong on page 61. The link points to :P
A version of the character sheet which doesn't make the stat boxes black! If you are meant to write your character stats into those boxes, a black background is rather problematic.

Page 201 says physical limits should be calculated using Resonance. Also the Audio Analyzer doesn't have stats? Also are there even rules for sprites? Also there's a spell to remove toxins but no rules for toxins.

Is it just me or is the relation character creation / character development totally broken? Let's say as a human: I have 4 points for Shadow Amps left. Now I could take Combat Reflexes 3 and raise my Edge from 2 to 6 with Karma for 36 KP or I transform my Shadow Amp Points to raise my Edge from 2 to 6 and buy the Wired Reflexes later for 10 KP.

Muscle Toner 1 and Synthacardium do the same thing (1 reroll on athletics). Synthacardium costs 3 SAPs, Muscle toner 1 2SAPs.

Critical Strike increases my melee damage. Attribute boost (Agility) does the same plus imprives my driving, my athletics, my dodging and my ranged attack damage. When it comes to attacks ic an choose if I take the +3 dice to improve my chance to hit or to improve my damage by 3 provided I do hit. It's like Short Burst Mode.

If anyone can tell me how drone riggers are meant to work that would be really good.
Can someone tell me how the Decks were built using the Shadow Amp values?

Edit: And also how to build drones

You summon spirits by making a Conjuring Test. But rolling against what? In SR5e it's against spirit's Force, in SRA? I don't know. And the book tells me I can summon more powerful spirits, and in the stats section it tells me how some greater spirit should look like, yet again, I don't know against what I'm supposed to roll to summon a greater spirit. (Tbh, I find spirit stats derived from Force and rolling against Force to conjure spirits much more intuitive and easier than some free-form-ish approach where I just don't know what to do   and how Conjuring Test ties to spirits overall power.)

What's the difference between an Event Brief and Contract Brief? Also, Tiny is referred to as "Timy" in the story. 

Also, it states that players may not spend more than one Plot Point to maximize a twist, but then states they can spend any number of Plot Points.


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