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« Reply #45 on: <11-22-16/1136:39> »
Page ii (Rules Are Meant to be Broken), change “2018” to “2021”
Page 2 (Contents 154), change “Be Careful What” to “Be Careful What You Search For
Page 2 (Contents 157), change “Don’t Know Much” to “Don’t Know Much About Arcology
Page 3 (Contents 165), change “The Halloweener” to “The Halloweener Underground
Page 3 (Contents 170), change “Is That a Bug” to “Is That a Bug in Your Pocket?”
Page 6 (Synchronicity), change “was visibly” to “were visibly”
Page 6 (Synchronicity), change “older, simple” to “old, simple” or “older, simpler
Page 6 (Synchronicity), change “Timy rippled” to “Tiny rippled”
Page 6 (Synchronicity), change “of they’d tried” to “if they’d tried”
Page 6 (Synchronicity), change “shamen” to “shamans”
Page 6 (Synchronicity), hyphenate “thumbs-up”
Page 7 (Synchronicity), change “arraying” to “arranging”
Page 10 (Introduction), change “set runners” to “send runners”
Page 10 (Introduction), change “from one rule set to another” to “from one rule set to the other
Page 10 (Introduction), change “ready for make” to “ready to make”
Page 12 (Magic), change “dwarves” to “dwarfs”
Page 13 (Corporation), change “At the top is the Big Ten” to “At the top are the Big Ten”
Page 16 (2064), change “their mind” to “their minds” (plural)
Page 17 (Ares Macrotechnology), change “time as past” to “time has passed”
Page 17 (Ares Macrotechnology), change “the heart of Area” to “the heart of Ares”
Page 18 (Horizon Tags), delete “UCAS corp”
Page 20 (Shiawase Tags), change “Market Information and Forecasting Department” to “Market Forecasting and Information Department”
Page 20 (Wuxing), capitalize “Pacific Rim”
Page 21 (Koshari), change “over-do-ing” to “overdoing” and “uni-versal” to “universal”
Page 22 (Go-Gangs), change “where the go-gangs” to “where the go-gangs are” (insert “are”)
Page 23 (Allied German States), normalize the font for “in large part
Page 24 (Draco Foundation), change “the disposition obscure” to “the disposition of obscure” (insert “of”)
Page 24 (Magical Groups), make the first mention of “Ordo Maximum” bold.
Page 25 (Matrix Musts), change “But there are some things that are” to “But some things are”
Page 25 (Matrix Musts), change “as your can virtually attend” to “as you can virtually attend”
Page 25 (Entertainment), change “what-not” to “whatnot”
Page 28 (Select a Contract Brief), change “is endless” to “are endless”
Page 28 (Objectives), change “take runners in strange places” to “take runners to strange places.”
Page 19 (Willpower), change “grind” to “ground”
Page 19 (Willpower), add a period to the end of the paragraph
Page 30 (Cues), change “define the character, whether it’s attitude, capabilities, or personality” to “define the character’s attitude, capabilities, and personality.”
Page 31 (Skills), change “provides a guideline for some ideas for what the Skill can do” to “provide guidelines for what the Skill can do”
Page 31 (Specialization), change “Pistols Skill” to “Firearms Skill”
Page 34 (Talk Time), change “Negotiation and Intimidation” to “Negotiation or Intimidation”
Page 34 (Scene), change “Event Brief” to “Contract Brief”
Page 34 (Scene), change “ultimately leads” to “ultimately lead
Page 34 (Contract Brief), change “Event Brief” to “Contract Brief” (twice)
Page 35 (Contract Brief), change “Event Brief” to “Contract Brief” (twice)
Page 37 (Hits), change “are counted as hits” to “counts as a hit.”
Page 37 (Core Mechanic), change “Shadow Amps effects” to “Shadow Amp effects”
Page 37 (Dice Pools), change “bad situational circumstances” to “bad circumstances” (delete “situational”)
Page 38 (Opposing Dice), change “the opposing dice are determined by making dice pools of an opposing player” to “the opposing dice are an opposing character’s dice pool.”
Page 38 (Dice Pools), change “a maglock at a securing” to “a maglock securing” (delete “at a”)
Page 38 (Attribute-Only Tests), change “Willpower + Body” to “Willpower + Strength
Page 39 (Glitches), hyphenate “life-threatening”
Page 40 (Combat), hyphenate “what-have-you.”
Page 40 (Combat), change “the attacker’ hits and defenders hits” to “the attacker’s and defender’s hits”
Page 43 (Staggered), change “up to the LN” to “up to the GM.”
Page 43 (Knocked Out), change “is damaged again with Stun damage” to “takes Stun damage again”
Page 43 (Regaining Armor/Condition Monitor Damage), change “attempting” to “attempted”
Page 44 (Character Death), change “Killed In Action” to “Killed in Action” (lowercase “in”) (multiple times)
Page 46 (Diving Deep into the Matrix), change “deal the sprite a number of damage” to “deal the sprite damage”
Page 46 (Spells, Spirits, and Astral Combat), change “is listed” to “are listed”
Page 47 (Spells, Spirits, and Astral Combat), change “shucked” to “should”
Page 48 (Vehicle and Drone Combat), change “inside on top” to “inside or on top” (insert “or”)
Page 48 (Vehicle and Drone Combat), change “a number of Armor circle” to “a number of Armor circles”
Page 48 (Vehicle and Drone Combat), change “help things alone” to “help things along
Page 50 (Darkness), change “Kiken Aug” to “Shadow Amp”
Page 50 (Underwater), change “the difficulty with moving” to “the difficulty of moving”
Page 50 (Mind Control), change “are in effect” to “apply”
Page 50 (Mind Control), change “the character or NPCs appropriate Narrations” to “the character’s or NPC’s appropriate Narrations”
Page 52 (When It’s Not Your Narration), change “Interactions between players is one of the best parts” to “Interaction between players is one of the best parts”
Page 52 (A More Focused Gamemaster), hyphenate “Double-time”
Page 53 (A More Focused Gamemaster), change “the same player a turn” to “the same player each turn”
Page 54 (Rolling Initiative), change “Amps still provides” to “Amp still provides” or “Amps still provide
Page 54 (Rolling Initiative), change “successes” to “hits”
Page 64 (Assign Attribute Points Example), change “Willpower 4 puts Sledge 10 boxes” to “Willpower 4 puts 10 boxes” (delete “Sledge”)
Page 64 (Assign Skill Points), change “doing a Prime Runner game” to “playing a Prime Runner game”
Page 67 (Add Qualities), change “from on Skill” to “from one Skill”
Page 135 (Devil Rat), change “Animal Control” to “Vermin Control”
Page 144 (The Culture), hyphenate “side-by-side”
Page 151 (Council Island), change “Rumors are that there are” to “There are rumors of”
Page 151 (Council Island), change “even a draco-forms” to “even dracoforms.”
Page 153 (Happening World), change “iron-clad” to “ironclad” (no hyphen)
Pages 154–196 (Objectives), review all Objectives and ensure they all end in periods.
Pages 154–196 (Tags), review all Tags and ensure that they are capitalized consistently according to the rules for proper case.
Pages 154–196 (Suggested NPCs), review the “Suggested NPCs” line at the beginning of every Scene and ensure that they are all capitalized and punctuated consistently.
Pages 154–196 (Mr. Johnson’s Pitch), whenever “Mr. Johnson” is a woman (Black Star Rising p.155, Assassin’s Greed p.171, Street Sweeper p.173, Company Town p.178, Leaks and Plumbers Pt.1, p.181, Arabian Knights Pt.1–3, p.186–188), change the headline for this section from “Mr. Johnson’s Pitch” to “Ms. Johnson’s Pitch”
Page 154 (Scene 1), change “to franticly look around” to “to look around frantically”
Page 154 (Epilogue), change “have some of the money trail leading to” to “have the money trail lead to”
Page 155 (Black Star Rising), change “Bogota” to “Bogotá” (with the accent, five times)
Page 156 (There’s No Mr. Johnson), remove the comma from “combat-heavy whirlwind”
Page 158 (Onto the Path), hyphenate “smash-and-grab” (three times)
Page 160 (Mr. Johnson’s Pitch), change “taken by from” to “taken from” (delete “by”)
Page 162 (Mr. Johnson’s Pitch), remove the comma from “hard-working corporate shark” and “dog-eat-dog world” (and hyphenate “dog-eat-dog”).
Page 162 (Scene 1), hyphenate “pistol-whipped”
Page 165 (Context), change “Halloweener’s” to “Halloweeners’” (plural possessive)
Page 169 (Scene 1), change “in wardrobe” to “into wardrobe”
Page 169 (Scene 1), change “fire fight” to “firefight” (one word, no space)
Page 169 (Scene 2), change “Bogota” to “Bogotá” (with the accent)
Page 169 (Scene 2), change “Amazonia/Aztlan war” to “Aztlan-Amazonia War”
Page 175 (Mr. Johnson’s Pitch), change “which has other factions” to “who has other factions”
Page 175 (Scene 2), change “Prince Connal Taylor” to “Prince Conall Taylor”
Page 176 (Scene 5), change “SCENE 6” to “SCENE 5” (you skipped #5)
Page 177 (Scene 2), do not hyphenate “wholly owned”
Page 180 (Scene 2), change “hellhounds” to “hell hounds” (two words, three times)
Page 185 (Scene 4), change “runner’s” to “runners’” (plural possessive)
Page 186 (Ms. Johnson’s Pitch), hyphenate “out-of-town”
Page 187 (Scene 1), change “runner’s” to “runners’” (plural possessive)
Page 187 (Context), change “judgement” to “judgment”
Page 188 (Scene 2), always use parentheses in pairs: (a) … (b) … or (c) … .
Page 190 (Epilogue), change “the runners actions” to “the runners’ actions” (insert apostrophe)
Page 190 (Epilogue), change “has succeed” to “has succeeded”
Page 192 (Technology and Cyber sidebar), hyphenate “will-o’-the-wisp”
Page 192 (Scene 1), change “every fairy tale forest you heard” to “every fairy tale you heard” (delete “forest”)
Page 193 (Context), change “sourcebook)” to “sourcebook.” (convert parenthesis to period)
Page 196 (Scene 4), change “Willpower + Body” to “Willpower + Strength
Page 199 (Step 2: Translate Skills), change “put in the skill” to “put it in the skill” (insert “it”)
Page 202 (Voice Control), change “mimic others voices” to “mimic other voices”
Page 203 (Diffusion), change “of enemy in Matrix” to “of an enemy in the Matrix”


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« Reply #46 on: <07-11-17/1050:57> »
Pg 10
    Paragraph 2 "Plenty opportunities to throw dice"  should be "plenty of opportunities..."
    Paragraph 3 "The Bleeding Edge" - chapter title is "Bleeding on the Edge", also referred to as "Bleeding on the Edge" in the index, "The Bleeding Edge" should be changed
     to match?
    Paragraph 5 "get ready for make your own..."  should be "Get ready to make your own..."

Page 12
      Paragraph 1 "Enchanted swords...mojo bags, every potion..."  should be "Enchanted swords...mojo bags, and ever potion..."
      "..but as time as past..." should be "...but has time has passed..."
      " the heart of area..."  should be "...heart of Ares..."

Page 21
      "spirit of over-doing....uni-versal..."" remove dashes
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« Reply #47 on: <07-11-17/1552:08> »
Thanks for those LittleBird. Anything new you (or anyone else) dig(s) up, especially grammar- or index-related, is definitely still appreciated.

Sphinx's postings were pretty thorough, but if anyone's in any doubt, or holds a differing opinion, after a quick scan please post it up anyway.

Many thanks, Navi
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« Reply #48 on: <03-02-18/1646:17> »
Did any of these get compiled into a single document?

For the questions about rules, did a FAQ ever get assembled?

I'm super psyched about starting my first Shadowrun Anarchy campaign this month, as is evidenced by my character creation spreadsheet (link below), and I'd like to help out getting all the corrections / fixes to my copy of the rules before I start.

Character Generator:


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« Reply #49 on: <03-19-18/0912:12> »
I think these haven't been done yet:

P125 Thunder’s Fix Spell needs to be added to the catalog.

P138-139 Any spirit with an elemental attack should add to skills: Projectile Weapons skill level 3. Agility + Projectile Weapons attack should be listed as the attack pool for the power. The defense for elemental attack is inconsistent, sometime S+W other times A+L. The engulf power should state it is a close combat attack.

-Brooklyn Gamer Dad

Edit: Correction from below.
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« Reply #50 on: <03-22-18/1821:53> »
I must have (repeatedly) overlooked the Fix spell as a Heal spell variant (Thunder was a mess). Ta.

Per Pg. 32, Critter ranged attacks are covered by Projectile Weapons. Anarchy doesn't use the Exotics or other niche skills if it can help it. Issues with which Critters have it and why have been raised.
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