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Patrick Goodman:
We stomped and stomped and stomped, but we didn't get all the bugs. Annoying but fixable. Let us know what you found here. Thanks!

OK. A few that I had posted on RPGNet

p.30 - Karma - states that character advancement rules aren't included. This seems to be a cut and paste error from Prototype (I presume)
p.202 - Acid Stream spell - should this be Amp Level 3 as it does something in addition to 6P damage (i.e. +2 damage v armor)?
p.202 - Armor spell - should this be Amp Level 4 as it is a spell (level 1) providing 3 armor (+3)? (alternatively, could be Amp Level 3 as all it does is provide 3 armor, but either way it is too cheap at Amp Level 2.

Actually, looking at the costs for building Shadowamps, all the combat spells seem undercosted if, per the shadow amp section, doing damage in addition to the base description costs +1., e.g. mana bolt = Spell description (1) + Damage (1) + Armor Piercing (+1) = shadow amp Level 3, not 2. If however, one assumes that the base description is the damage, then it works for most combat spells e.g. Mana bolt - spell description is do 6P damage (1) + armor piercing (1) = shadow amp 2.

Some clarification of this would be good.

p.205 - Lifelong Thief quality - this appears to be a negative quality (forces you to spend plot points to avoid crime) but is in the positive quality list

Character Sheet - attribute boxes shouldn't be black (as it makes the character sheet basically useless)

Patrick Goodman:
Thank you, good sir (or madam, as the case may be).

No problem, this is only on an initial scan. I'll go through in more detail later.

A few questions on Magical Amps:

Accident: I assume the glitch dice cannot roll an exploit? If it  can this isn't really an accident spell! The same is true of the critter amp.

Acid Stream: what is the defense for this spell, A + L to dodge it (like Fireball)?

Heal: pre-gens state "Effect spell. Target character regains one box of physical damage per hit per Narration the spell is sustained." the catalog omits the sustained part. And is the Sorcery + Willpower roll opposed?

Stunbolt: seems overpowered with base damage of 8S/AA all physical spells are 6P/AA. Why would a runner pick a spell with less damage? I know this is stun damage but it will still knock an opponent out.

And kind of linked the quality:

Mentor Spirit (Bear): states "using First Aid does not cost a Plot Point" what does this mean? The rules state you can spend a plot point to heal one point of damage but does not say First Aid is required for this. I can't ee any details of how the first aid skill with or without a first aid kit should be used. Is it a normal opposed roll with a difficulty set based on the targets wound level, modified up or down if a first aid kit is used?


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