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Like the look of the new Anarchy character sheet


 Here's the link to a new Anarchy character from the soon-to-be-released version of the book:

I like the look of the new character sheet.  For Shadowrun, it's kind of amazing how small the gear section is.  I know that the Anarchy prototype didn't have stats on non-weapon gear, and is less strict about what you do or don't have, since most gear is just a plot-point away from being available -- but I''ll be interested to see how a blank character sheet looks, and how much space is allowed for different items.

Also nowhere to track NuYen... but that's probably another unnecessary item in an Anarchy narrative.

What do you guys think of it from this first-look?

After a closer look, I think there might also be a different mechanic for the Lightning Bolt spell amp. 

I think this one says "Combat Spell. Damage of 6P/AA. Defense = S + W" -- it's a little hard to read, that might still be an 8P..

Compare that to Coydog's Lightning Bolt amp from the prototype: "Combat Spell. Damage of 8P/-A, may reroll one failed Sorcery die, defense S + W"

Not sure if this means they dropped the re-roll part of the amp?

Also, it looks like there are 10 spots for cues... I know that some comments from people who have played the Cue system have expressed concern about the small number of cues in the prototype as compared to Cosmic Patrol, so maybe this increase will help address that.

Noble Drake:
I think this just might be the first version of Shadowrun in history which I do not feel a need to create my own character sheet - the official one looks like it probably handles everything well enough.

I also love that the anarchy rules are simple enough that there is room to write stats on the sheet in larger size - so maybe my players won't have to ask "...where is that?" when I tell them what stats to roll.

Not enough room for skills (you start with 6 but can get more if I am not mistaken)

Noble Drake:

--- Quote from: DracoDruid on ---Not enough room for skills (you start with 6 but can get more if I am not mistaken)

--- End quote ---
The book phrases having more than 5 skills +1 knowledge as an optional rule, so the sheet's slots match the default rules just fine.


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