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Patrick Goodman:
This post is going to serve as an index to the various errata threads for the books as the team and I get to work on them. Each thread will contain an updated link to the latest official errata sheet once it exists, as well as the provisional answers to the myriad errata questions out there.

PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THESE THREADS. These are for the answers we come up with. There are already plenty of errata threads for the various books where questions can be raised; if there's not, please feel free to start one up. Hit us up with questions elsewhere, but I would very much like these threads to remain as clean as possible so that things can be (relatively) easily found.

Also please note: The threads aren't going to be very well organized. We'll be dealing with issues as we find them, and that's not always going to be in page number order. Even if we do find them like that, there's no guarantee that we'll arrive at answers in that order, and I'm not going to be waiting around to post answers until everything is done. This is an active process, and it's going to be a little messy. When we compile things, they'll be collated and sorted into the right order before the errata sheet is submitted for layout and publication.

Shadowrun 5th Edition Core Rulebook
SR5: Chrome Flesh
SR5: Court of Shadows
SR5: Data Trails
SR5: Howling Shadows
SR5: Rigger 5.0
SR5: Run & Gun
SR5: Run Faster
SR5: Street Grimoire
Shadowrun: Anarchy

Firebug's additions:
Forbidden Arcana

Patrick Goodman:
I've been thinking about the status lines I'm putting in the entries as I start posting things. I have three in my head. Here's what they mean at the moment; this is subject to change as things move forward and I get my sea legs under me. Generally speaking, green is good and red is bad.

Provisional: This means the team and I have come up with a solution that hasn't been addressed in other forms (older errata, errata items from the French or German licenses, a note from Jason saying "Fix this, please," that sort of thing). It's an official ruling, but it's out on a test drive, and if enough people notice something wrong, we reserve the right to fix it before we send it up the line for posting on the errata page on the website, or when getting ready for a reprint. If nothing has happened to it by then, it becomes Official. Speaking of which....

Official: If something we're working on has been published in a foreign edition, or handed down from Jason, or it's a typo fix, it'll generally bypass the Provisional stage and go straight to Official. This tag will generally include a source, such as "Jason M. Hardy" (as happened with the recent correction to the Court of Shadows credit listing), or "German edition" or something along those lines.

Superseded: When I compile the errata sheets, as they get added on, Provisional tags will be changed to Official. Once something is listed as Official, it can still be changed (we're still fallible), but it might be a more drawn-out process. Sometimes, too, Provisional items might be flawed and the team and I have to back to the drawing board. Either way, when something changes, a new Provisional item will be created, and the one it's replacing will be marked Superseded. This tag will be followed by a link to the new item.

I'm making a quick post here to let everyone know I'm going to be continuing this.  All the status lines remain the same, I'm going to try and keep the format similar for convenience and consistency.


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