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The Calendar

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I have read this section over many times and I still don't get how the mission calendar works. Anyone want to take a shot at explaining it to me?


This post shows how one of my friends has his calendar, he also goes into it a bit on how he has it setup further on the thread.

Do player calendars need to "sync up"? Do the need to match? Or is it just how you, as the player, have used your time?

Herr Brackhaus:
The calendar is character specific; the only time it needs to sync up is if a group of players share a lifestyle, as far as I can remember.

So, run a mission, mark off a week on the calendar with the name of the mission. Then, take as much downtime as you want in increments of weeks (i.e. if you only spend one day training a Rating 1 skill, you still use a whole week).

Thanks! That clears things up for me! :)


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