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A Season 6 Mission Question


A certain mission rewards a piece of betaware at a discount.  Is this exclusively cyberware, or can it also be bioware?  The one doing the rewarding is a source for both, but the reward doesn't explicitly mention bioware as an option.

I see no reason it couldn't be bioware or cyberware. That is how I read it. That is how I ran it. I'm 99.9999999% sure I'm right about it. :)


Timothy M. Patrick:
It is for cyberware only, page 19 Regardless of the answer given: section. Also added to this it was making some of his stock and you are in Chicago so access to bioware is going to be extremely hard to come by at those levels.

In the initial offer, it just says "ware."

And on the debrief log it doesn't state any restrictions other than a limit of Availability 24 or less. I don't see why Tate wouldn't have access to bio ware as well as cyber ware under those conditions.

Timothy M. Patrick:

I was not attacking them for reading it that way, heck I had to go back and double check and I wrote the darn thing. I just was pointing out were it was called out. I just pointed out were it did specify cyberware exactly. Meta plot wise Bioware especially at that level is going to be extremely rare in Chicago it's still a wasteland with sketchy power etc.. Bioware would need to keep the biological components stable until needed, definitely not something that would just be sitting around int he zone.


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