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About frakkin' time...

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Nice setup you got around here, kiddies.

To give everyone that ol' time feeling, you can change the date/time stamp for the boards to the old sourcebook stamps in your profile. To have it show like the books used to, use the following code:

--- Code: ---(%H:%M:%S/%m-%d-%y)
--- End code ---

Edit - Had the day/month flipped originally. It's no correct.

Greetings, and I would feel right at home with those old time stamps.

Stepping OOC for a moment, I'm a long-time SR fan (I picked up the 1E rulebook in 1990) and have been a member (although mostly lurker) of Dumpshock since 2005. And I've been WAITING for the day I finally got FastJack as my handle. ;D

Alpha Commando:
That's rather whiz, I suppose! Then again Dumpshock is also a pretty happening place. It's nice to see there's a forum for this sort of deal!

Nice datasteal there, Fastjack! Guess we should expect no less...


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