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The drug "Zone" on page 184 of Chrome Flesh has no listed cost, availability, or addiction thresholds. Should this be considered an "every day pharma cost" as per SRM FAQ page 52; if not, can we get the missing information somehow?

Michael Chandra:
"Everyday Pharma" is a very specific list of drugs and medicines, as listed on p176 Chrome Flesh in a sidebar, which does not include Zone.

Outside SRM I'd know what kind of advice to give for this (Bi-Polar medicine is 100/shot on the streets, which seems fair for suppressing a negative quality, and anti-Phobia medicine wouldn't support a lifestyle-monthly-cost because of the side-effects preventing you from permanent usage, so I'd say 100 per dose), but inside SRM we need someone with actual authority to decide.

Thanks Michael, appreciate the input. I'll leave this up to the FAQ Committee.

For what it's worth, the Bodyshop book (German release of Chrome Flesh) lists Zone as follows:

--- Quote from: Duellist_D ---Price is 300 Nuyen, availability 6R and both addiction Values are listed as "-" with an explicit mention of "not addictive" in the description box.

--- End quote ---
Thanks again for this information, Duellist_D, much appreciated!

Question on the Evo/Yamatetsu Navel Technologies Rampart Portable Ballistic Emplacement (Street Lethal p.130): can the shield be placed on the ground as an actual emplacement, or does it still have to be carried when deployed?


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