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And since the goal is for this to be about questions, not discussions, I will add a question of my own.

Initiatory discounts, how are they rounded? The default is to round up, but which part do we round? The types of discounts are listed as: Base Price - 10%, so my gut is to round the final price back up. But I could see some people rounding the discount amount up instead (resulting in a larger discount).

Example: First couple of initiations, assuming we've joined the Ash Union and manage to perform an Ordeal every time (for some extra fun).

Initiation 1: Base 13 karma. w/ 20% discount -> 13 - 20% (2.6) = 10.4 (rounded up) so 11

Initiation 2: Base 16 karma. w/ 20% discount -> 16 - 20% (3.2) = 12.8 (rounded up) so 13

Initiation 3: Base 19 karma. w/ 20% discount -> 19 - 20% (3.8) = 15.2 (rounded up) so 16

Obviously it is only ever going to be a difference of 1 karma (rounded up/down) but it can add up...

Final number after calculations are made is rounded up...not the discount.  The easiest way to resolve this is just take the base price and multiply by 0.9, 0.8, or 0.7 and round up (10%/20%/30% discounts).  I've deleted the incorrect interpretation.  rr

Herr Brackhaus:
I do have to question why removing the stock on a rifle sized weapon reduces recoil compensation when it does not provide any recoil compensation in the first place. Take the AK-97 or Colt M23; both have 0 recoil compensation from the factory, and both would reduce recoil compensation by one if the Stock Removal modification (Hard Targets page 182) was added. And yet going by RAW you could add a Folding Stock modification (Run & Gun page 51) and gain 1 recoil compensation.

This is an errata question.  Though I have my own thoughts and ideas, this one won't be covered in the SRM FAQ.  rr

I'd also like to get some clarification on why the Sling is not usable with a shock pad and/or folding stock; the German edition of the rule book has removed the sling from the table on page 53 of Run & Gun. I believe the table entry is a holdover from SR4 where the sling did actually provide recoil compensation.

This is an errata question.  Though I have my own thoughts and ideas, this one won't be covered in the SRM FAQ.  rr

Reposted from the other thread:

The Metasapient section from Run Faster seems to be missing the entire rules chapter. There's a section with lore and background info, a chart, and.... that's it.

Previous editions had a few limiters placed to limit the increased power levels of these characters. Increased lifestyle and gear costs, a forbiddance on cyber, bio, and other similar augmentations, automatic Distinctive Style negative quality, social modifiers, etc.

Should Prime Runner metasapient characters be built assuming these were deliberately removed in the new edition?


Yes rr

Herr Brackhaus:
1a. What kind of tools, if any, are needed in Missions to be able to use the Locksmith actions mentioned on pages 359 and 360?

None? A Lockpick Set (page 448)? A Locksmith Tool Kit (page 443)? Both?

Lockpick set for mechanical locks, Locksmith Tool Kit for maglocks.  rr

This came up in another thread, and while it's easily houseruled it would be good to know what the Missions requirement is.

1b. Furthermore, can maglocks other than keypads and card readers be bypassed as per the keypad entries, or must biometric, facial recognition, and voice recognition scanners be bypassed using only the relevant methods in each section? I.e. does rewiring the lock internals only apply where mentioned?

They can only be bypassed using the methods described in SR5, pgs. 359-360.  rr

2. Can both micro-transceivers and commlinks communicate without Matrix access?

The entry for micro-transceivers state that they can communicate with other micro-transceivers and commlinks, and that Matrix access only extends the normal 1km range to worldwide. The commlink entry does state that it has phone, radio, and wireless capabilities.

If commlinks can communicate with other commlinks without Matrix access, what is the purpose of micro-transceivers? And for that matter, what is the range of commlink to commlink communication without Matrix connectivity?
Yes, unless they are being jammed or there is too much Noise.  We'll say 1KM as well for commlink to commlink.  Purpose of micro-transceivers?  Well, that's not really an SRM FAQ question.  IMO, if you have a subvocal mic and earbuds linked to your commlink you have a set up which acts just like a micro-transceiver. rr

FAQ 0.4 is out!! Woot!

Awesome. Thanks for all the hard work on it Sinthalix and the rest of the team.

Question on the ruling concerning "schools":
Is it possible to be in multiple "schools" at once? For example, I initiate in the Invocation school and learn the Ally Conjuration ritual. Once I do that, I now have access to Govi. For my next initiation, I want to learn Masking. Can I Initiate into the Unseen Arts even though I am already in the Invocation "school"? Do I still have access to Govi once I initiate into the Unseen Arts "school"?

Most definitely!  rr


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