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Teutonic Overlord:
Please post your questions (and ONLY your questions) below.  Please refrain from speculation, arguments, or discussions in this thread. If you want to discuss something, start a new thread.  I want this thread to remain a useful link for later reference.  You can always link discussions in your post.

When referencing a rule or section of the book, please give me a book and page reference.

Please try and keep your questions to relevant FAQ materials and not Errata related when possible though we know the paths cross.

Teutonic Overlord:
I've decided to add comments into your posts when we've addressed an issue.  The comments are bold with my initials at the end.  To keep the thread clean, I've deleted additional posts related to a topic which has been addressed.

Herr Brackhaus:
Since the Biospike from Hard Targets (page 185) is specifically mentioned in the latest FAQ; shouldn't this have an AP value? Granted, unlike (presumably metallic) cyberspurs the bone spur is completely undetectable to normal scanners as it is bioware, but it's described as a "sharp, dense bone spike" and it is availability 14F with a 20,000 cost (28,000 unless you feel like taking 2P every time you deploy it). Seems like an oversight is all, even if it's damage does stack with bone density augmentation to a point (hah!).
This falls within the realm of errata, therefore the FAQ committee feels it needs to addressed there and not in the SRM FAQ.  Until errata is released it does not have an AP for SRM.  rr

The GM chapter doesn't mention if any tools are required for Locksmith tests. For example, defeating a keypad maglock requires a Lockpick + Agility [Physical] (Maglock Rating x 2, 1 Combat Turn) extended test to open the case as per page 359 ; do you need at least a lockpick set or maybe even a Locksmith Tool Kit to be able to do this?
See the Build & Repair table on page 146 of SR5 for penalties related to tool use (or non-use).  Tool kits to remove the casing can be found  on pg. 443, SR5.  It is our opinion that you need the proper tool for the job, otherwise you'll suffer penalties for not having it.  rr

I've noticed that some missions don't seem to use these rules, instead simply stating something like "a Locksmith + Agility [Physical] (3) Test opens the door" (SRM06-01 page 11); this runs counter to the extended test normally required, and actually ends up making lockpicking harder. For example: A Rating 3 maglock with a keypad would require a threshold 6 extended test as per core, which means that even a character with a bare minimum lockpick skill and agility (assume agility 3 and locksmith 3) could open it in 3 combat turns, and then bypass it in another 3 combat turns on average. That same character will have a much harder time getting 3 hits on a single roll, so while this method is faster it's also internally inconsistent, as other locks (even in the same mission) are simply mentioned as being of a certain rating.

Are GMs free to use the core rules when situations like this come up, if time allows?

This is intentional.  Convention play is limited to roughly 3.5 hours depending on the convention.  To speed things up, simple tests are written into the Missions to allow GMs to move quickly.  If the GM has time to run through the extended tests, they are free to do so.  rr

The FAQ explains that TKE is affected by working for the people....

The new reputation rules (which are awesome BTW) also use "total karma earned" (SR5 pg 368) to calculate the Street Cred from Karma (SCK).

I just want to make sure we're using the right numbers for calculating the availability adjustment for reputation becasue Working for the People seems to make magical types get a much better availability mod than the character who really need it (gear and cyber types).

Is Working for the People supposed to affect street cred?  (and therefore availability?)

Yes, it does.  rr

Herr Brackhaus:
Question on concealment specifically for Missions:
Does an Assault Rifle with a collapsed Folding Stock count as an Assault Rifle (+6) or a Bullpup Assault Rifle (+4) for the purposes of concealment?

This is an errata question, but in our opinion it would be -1 (to match Hard Targets stock removal).rr


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