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Unpriced extraneous legitimate ''loot'' for Missions

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Hi, quick question. In two instances of Missions gameplay, we've ran accross loot deemed ''legit'', even encouraged as potentially lootable, but without any price tags being mentioned. Has an estimated value ever been suggested?

I'm talking about some ''Reallocated'' Art pieces from London Falling's Depth Charge , as well as

And the more recent Season 6's While The City Sleeps 's Inbound Shipments Data collected from a Yakuza warehouse.

There might've been other instances, so if any from memory comes to mind i'd welcome the info, but we might have simply avoided those particular loots , or haven't gotten to them ...yet. (But if our rigger has any say in the matter...let's just say good thing he's not the one with the cyberdoc contacts or we'd have to nickname him the CZ Butcher.)

Should the GM make a call estimate on their value, or has estimations already been provided in the past? If not, how would you all handle it?


I can at least help with While the City Sleeps, in the published version there is a piece in the back stating that the info is worth 5,000 +/- 200 per net negotiation hit up to 1000 difference.  (So the info is valued from 4 to 6k total, not each)

awesome, thanks SichoPhiend! We might've missed that info :)
Or the pdf from drivethroughrpg doesn't  have it (but we definitely could've missed it) .. was it per runner or total?

total, it stresses total, almost like they don't want you to give out more cash  :)

So the larger the group, the less the per member bonus.  :-\

One thing to remember is that most items in the Sixth World have some level of electronics, and are considered "owned".  Even those art pieces may have an RFID tag in the frame that is the equivalent of a certificate of authenticity (without which they would probably be considered forgeries).  This prevents a lot of casual looting, as it is not a simple process to change ownership.

Now, if the owner is cooperative, changing ownership can be done in about a minute.  Presumably, if the owner is under duress, there's a process for reporting the theft after the fact, either by the owner or someone else (such as the corp that finds dead guards with weapons and comlinks missing).  So, be careful about intimidating someone into giving you their stuff.  The more practical option is switching ownership, which requires an Extended Hardware + Logic [Mental] (24, 1 hour) test, and the item must be on the Matrix during that time.  Granted, the item won't raise the alarm unless you glitch...but if the owner gets on the Matrix in the meantime, they can track the item and alert the authorities.  Unless the adventure has a lot of downtime between scenes, you'll have to do this between adventures - which means you need at least 15 dice to buy the necessary hits.  To my knowledge, there isn't anything to give you bonus dice for this type of test, so this is very hard to do.  I never let characters just take equipment off fallen foes as their own, unless the item in question is a throwback with no electronics.

Now, if a character spent the effort to get their Hardware and Logic high enough to make the extended test, AND the item isn't hot enough that tactical teams will be sent out as soon as it pops on the Matrix, then sure, let them reap the rewards.  I generally go off the guidelines for what players can give to each other - up to 5k of items in an adventure is fine.  More than that, and you better have a solid plan for how you're going to switch ownership before the original owner (or their corporate overlords) catch up to you.


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