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Personally, I've got a thing about character sheets representing real people and that are not necessarily optimized shadowrunners. Heck, I did a big campaign a few years ago where no one was allowed to start out a shadowrunner. We had medical students and elf nobles and boxers and construction workers and lawyers and so forth. Ended up forming them into two fairly badass teams.
But now I'm waxing nostalgic.

As for what particular role you should try out for your exercise - anything okay with me plus, as GM, don't want to unduly steer you.

Hope you get some cool submissions, though!


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As the CoF group can see, I on the ither hand am all about those dice pools, but also building big, big damn holes in my defenses. Anyone object to my building a former bunraku confidence girl/hitter, who uses her body mods and charm to get close enough to wax people?

Side note: she's got proooooblems.


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As long as you don't mind having those problems mercilessly exploited.

This game won't be in London Below, and there will be a lot of interaction with the 99% of the world that is not in the shadows.


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Thank god. Below is neat, but it would be nice to face the devils I know rather than trying to plan for Neverwhere's cyberpunk evil twin.


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We had medical students and elf nobles and boxers and construction workers and lawyers and so forth.

Harriet (Sledge) is still angry about what happened to Andy.

I still feel for Sledge's loss. Breaks my heart.

If I play an ork woman street sam is that playing to type even though it's a completely different character background personality skills and gear?


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Dude - play what you want.

Man, I had such grandiose plans for that game - there were so many cool revelations and events coming down the pike.

How many times have I thought of resurrecting it - but you can never really go back, can you?

Anyway, by all means play the character you like!


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I'm working on two characters. I'll let you be the judge which one you prefer  ;D

- John Henry is the e-ghost of a drone rigger who found himself after an industrial accident as an AI in the body of his last drone.
- Ferox, a psionic mage with a very robust mind over matter over mind approach to live's little problems

Hm, or maybe I'll do this the easy way and bring Kynos over from "Into the Chaos".
talk think matrix

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« Reply #37 on: <01-21-16/1756:27> »
Dude - what I said to Dire - play the one you want.

But if you're asking me which one I prefer - well, you know which one I don't prefer...


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« Reply #38 on: <01-21-16/1958:14> »
Is it bad that I really want John Henry to have an industrial drone with a sledgehammer?


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Vincent (Vexboy) Elmas

-- Priorities --DBCAE
Metatype Human
Attributes 20
Magic 6
Skills 48/10
Resources 6000

-- Karma Expenditure --
25 Starting Karma
-5 for Mentor Spirit
-4 for Ambidextrous
-7 for Catlike
-7 for Natural Athlete
+8 for Social Stress(Talking to new or hostile people unless they are enemies that he can shoot. In which case he falls on his skills for confidence)
+5 for National SIN (UCAS)
+5 for Simsense Vertigo
+5 for Distinctive Style
+2 for Driven
-8 for Light Body Rating 4 Foci
-4 for Combat Sense rating 1 foci
-10 for 20000 nuyen
-4 karma for Jessica to have 6 loyalty connection 1

-- Attributes --
Body 4
Agility 6
Reaction 3(6)
Strength 4
Willpower 4
Logic 3
Intuition 3
Charisma 1
Edge 3
Essence 6.00

Initiative – 9+4d6
Physical Condition Monitor - 10
Stun Condition Monitor - 10
Overflow Boxes - 4
Physical Limit - 5
Mental Limit - 5
Social Limit - 4

-- Qualities --
Mentor Spirit: Dragonslayer
Natural Athlete
Social Stress (Talking to new or hostile people unless they are enemies that he can shoot. In which case he falls on his skills for confidence)
National SIN (UCAS)
Simsense Vertigo
Distinctive Style

-- Skills --
Gymnastics 6(8 ) (Climbing)
Sneaking 6(8 ) (Urban)
Perception 6(8 ) (Sight)
Tracking 4(6) (Urban)
Survival 4(6) (Urban)
Etiquette 0(2)(Dragonslayer Bonus)
Running 2(4) (Sprinting)
Free Fall 2
Pilot Groundcraft 2(4) (Motorcycle)

-- Skill Groups --
Firearms 6
Close Combat 4

-- Knowledge/Language Skills --
English N
Japanese 6
Old School Fiction 4(6) (Lord of the Rings)
Criminal Psychology 6
Lone Star Procedures 4

-- Augmentations/Magic/Adept Powers --
Enhanced Accuracy (Pistols)
Danger Sense rating 1
Improved Initiative rating 3
Killing Hands
Traceless Walk
Wall Running
Improved Sense (Thermographic Vision)
Improved Sense (Low Light Vision)
Light Body Rating 4 Foci
Combat Sense Rating 1 Foci

-- Gear --
Survival Knife
Acc: 5 Dmg: Str+2P Ap: -1
Streetline Special with lazer sight concealable holster
Acc: 5(6) Dmg: 6 Mode: SA Ammo: 6c
Regular Ammo x6
 2 Fichetti Security 600s with lazer sight and gas vent system rating 3 in arm slides
Acc: 6(8 ) Dmg: 7p Mode: SA Recoil: (4) Ammo: 30c
60 rounds regular ammo
2 fichetti clips regular ammo x30 each
2 fichetti clips stick n shock x30 each
Ceska Black Scorpion with lazer sight and concealable quick draw holster
Acc: 5(6) Dmg: 6p Mode: Sa/ Bf Recoil: (1) Ammo: 35c
35 rounds regular ammo
1 Ceska clip with 35 rounds of regular ammo
SVD with Lazer Sight and Sling
Acc: 5(6) Dmg: 10p Ap: -2(-7) Mode: SA Ammo: 10c
APDS Rounds x10
SVD clip with Gel rounds x10
Suzuki Mirage
Handl: 5/3 Speed: 6 Accel: 3 Body: 5 Armor: 6 Sensor 2 Pilot 1 Seats 1: Atmosphere Sensor
Lined Coat
Renraku Sensei
Silver Credstick 1000 nuyen
Credstick 455 nuyen
Medkit Rating 3
Goggles capacity 6: Vision Magnification, Trodes, Flare compensation, Vision Enhancement rating 2
Gecko Tape Gloves
Low Lifestyle 1 month
Meta Link (Contains Vexboy’s SIN)
Remaining Money -  + ()
1355 nuyen
-- Contacts –
Jessica London (Older Sister, Knight Errant Detective)
Loyalty: 6 Connection: 1
Jessica is Vexboy’s older sister. At age 28. She is a human.
Jessica is now a Knight Errant detective. Although she didn’t end up at this point in her life easily. She was born to a security broker who worked for various corps as a freelance consultant. When she was still a fetus she was ripped out against her mother’s will and had bioware fused into her and spent the rest of her growth in a vat. Her father treated her with a steely determination that she carry the family name. But when she graduated college she was extracted just a few hours after the graduation by Shiawase to be trained as their own personal security supervisor in vendetta for her father turning down the job. She was trained in criminal psychology and forensic techniques and stayed in Shiawase’s custody as her father simply disregarded her capture. She found comfort in a serious of old timey noir movies she found on the matrix and made an identity for herself as Jessica London. Abandoning her old name until it faded from her own memory. Luck intervened and a shadowrun gone wrong gave her a chance to escape and she ran all the way to Seattle. She managed to sneak in and found herself in employment with Lone Star after she used her skills and intellect to solve a crime scene investigation with only her wits. She rose through the ranks in both combat aptitude and skill and became a specialist detective hunting serial killers, pedophiles, and other hated horror movie types to make Lone Star look competent in the public eye. Ironically she was looked down in jealously from her fellow officers and detectives. She was lonely until she met Vexboy. The two bonded quickly considering each other the family each of them lacked growing up. Even calling each other brother and sister. She even hired a group of deckers in secret to rig a fake signature for Vexboy to get adopted into Lone Star. Although this prevented him from entering Knight Errant, she moved on(with Vexboy’s blessing) and finds the new environment to her liking. More professional and her coworkers actually respect her(except the ones carried over from Lone Star.)and take her experiences against the metahuman trafficking industry in Seattle seriously. Speaking of which she hates child sex rings and metahuman traffickers with a passion. She specializes in hunting them down and now that she has the latest in Ares tech… well… she is rather deadly. Its not a matter of if she will solve the case and catch the perp. It’s a matter of WHEN.
Mr Mouse: (Street Snitch and Specializes in Trafficking) Dwarf male age: 33
Loyalty: 3 Connection: 3
Mr Mouse is one of Jessica’s Contacts. He and Vexboy have met several times. He dresses in a scraggly trenchcoat and can be found playing cards with bums in the alleys of Seattle. He keeps to himself unless someone has need of his services. He is something of a premiere snitch and is trying to gain enough money to graduate to information broker. He is in with all he other snitches but nothing serious.
Lore: (Foci Tattoo Artist) Human Male Age: Unknown but he looks about his late 20s.
Loyalty: 1 Connection: 1
Vexboy’s foci artist. They don’t know much about each other. He is a mix of American and Native American… that’s about it. They don’t hate each other but their relationship just hasn’t been very talkative. That could change.
Lieutenant Baker Alloway: (Knight Errant Lieutenant, Jessica’s Supervisor)
Elf Male Age: 38
Loyalty: 2 Connection: 4
This is the guy who delivered the bad news to Vexboy that he was fired. But he almost predicted his turn to the shadows. He extended the olive branch to him knowing that it might be good to have an in with a shadowrunner to find out things that a Knight Errant officer could not. And maybe do something a Knight Errant would not be allowed to do… after all… the particular beat he got assigned to wasn’t the most well tended to. He is an aspected magician who can Summon Spirits.
Rico the Ork (Smuggler and Arms Dealer) Ork male age: 30
Loyalty: 3 Connection: 4
Vexboy’s arms dealer. Also met through Jessica. He is friendly enough. Loves guns. Can get a fair amount of them. He and Vexboy both favor Pistols but shows special love for Revolvers. He has a tricked out Ruger Super Warhawk that Vexboy would die to have and he knows it. He and Jessica sleep around every once in a while but nothing serious. At least not that Vexboy knows about.

Drillbit: (5th world Fiction Collector and Bootlegger on the matrix. Possibly a decker but Vexboy never asked upfront about it.) Elf Female Age: Unknown
Loyalty: 4 Connection: 2
Vexboy’s number one source for all things weeb. And anything else he craves. This girl is GOOD at finding and ripping stuff. Her talents may amount to that alone but in the deep matrix Drillbit is a legendary finder of lost fiction. Has a Robot with a Drillarm for an icon. Due to the apparent Copyright on Gurren Lagann(Even Vexboy knows its just an excuse to use her OC)the robot is not Gurren Lagann. She could also get a team of runners into a Star Trek convention… but she is not really a big shaker in the world outside of that. Vexboy and her talk on the matrix quite a bit but never met in real life. Has a "heavy" japanese accent that Vexboy secretly thinks is on purpose to make her seem "cool" to nerds in their basements. Vexboy is aware she is an elf. But knows nothing else. He has something of a crush on her but rationally brushes it off as a sort of internet puppy love. The thing a lonely guy with no friends would feel… still…

Silk (Pattern Adapt, Information Broker, Fixer)
Loyalty: 2 Connection: 4
Vexboy found Silk through asking Mr Mouse and Rico for jobs in the Shadows. He hasn’t met her yet but at least she has his contact info. He has only so much money left. And he is getting antsy.

He was born Vincent Elmas to two reasonably successful wageslaves to Powercorp, a Renraku subsidiary with a strong anti awakened prejudice, and members of a policlub against the awakened and all magic everywhere called Goodbye to Magic(or Grease the Mage as they are sometimes known as) named Emily and Jason Elmas. His parents took care of him out a natural obligation but showed him no real affection. He went to various private schools and found himself easy prey to those children who preyed on the weaker kids. He retreated to a set of books(He could read well at an early age.)his father kept as a conversation starter. Works of fiction from the 5th world and found that he most loved the works of Tolkien. He thought that the epic tales of Hobbits were inspiring and much preferable to his own existance. He became obsessed with the 5th world's ideas of heroism and adventure. His life took a downward spiral from the point on... bullying intensified and his retreats to the books as well. One day after a particularlly brutal treatment... he got his ass kicked hard, he found himseld crying at the foot of his bed hoping something... ANYTHING to happen... in a twist of fate... something DID...


The voice in his head said...

Vincent froze in shock and terror. He spent hours before he tried to contact the voice. Nothing. Not a peep. But from that point he always felt a presence. Something prodding him to make a change... he started to fight back against his bullies... he didnt fight fair either. He got in trouble in school for speaking his mind in situations where he was backed to the wall. Although he still had trouble in social scenarios, when he was being attacked verbally or emotionally he found it easier to fight back. The final change was that he became more able physically. His reaction timing became much more advanced for his age group and even a few of those older then him. He became much more agile... it was these changes that vexed his parents. And they silently had him tested. The results shocked them. He awakened and became an adept. They threw him out on the street... but that feeling of presence in his head tainted his completely rational fear and worry with one thought. "Adventure" He felt comfortable having his life in danger. He could sense danger in a sense and found that the voice came more and more mentoring him in common sense and survival. And in a way almost training him. He grew and grew and developed new skills. He fed himself with a gun he found a few days in from the aftermath of a ganger brawl gone bad and a credstick filled with 25 nuyen. Both the gun(A streetline special) and the credstick have stayed with him his whole life. He took his first life a week later as some underestimating wannabe pedophile tried a quick grab. But after the shock he found that the pistol felt nice in his hands. He looted what he could and left the body for the ghouls... or lone star. Whichever came first. Several other attempts like it would be made over the course of a few years. As he survived he gained new powers with the guidance of his unnamed mentor. It all came to a head 2 years later where he saved a woman being mugged in an alleyway... well he found out this woman was a lone star detective and didnt need saving... but she was grateful nonetheless. She took him for dinner and he, having nothing to lose, revealed his life story. She told him of his magic and offered an escape from the streets. She could have Lone Star legally adopt him and he would train under her to be her assistant detective. She had to forge the electronic signatures of his parents but he was in. He trained like mad honing his skills. She took him in and they became like siblings. He lost contact with his parents and forgot a great deal about them save for their names. He discovered the matrix and the wonderful world of manga scans and text novel bootlegging. And in his spare time he would use Lone Star’s shooting range to master the art of the quick draw and practice his aimed shooting. Jessica and Vexboy acted as lone stars PR division of detectives. Vexboy was the skill and Jessica the brains… and a sniper. Whenever a particularly nasty serial killer or rapist came to town they took them out and made Lone Star look good. And they were alloted 10% of the bounty as a bonus if the target had one. Vincent spent 8 years hunting down sick bastards. And during this process he even found out the name of his mentor. The Dragonslayer. When he was 17 however Knight Errant took over Seattle and found out that his electronic signature on his form was faked... and thus fired him. He lived with Jessica for about a year and moped. No adventure. No chance to DO something. Until one day out of the blue the Dragonslayer said the single craziest thing yet. "Well its time for the ORIGINAL plan I had for you kid. Time to Shadowrun." Jessica gave him her blessing(Even having directly conflicting jobs can’t break them up.) And he took his savings and moved to a Low End part of town. Mostly college students and the down on their luck wageslaves as his neighbors. He spent a while trying to find a fixer to take his info. And now one did. Now he waits for his first job. And wherever it leads. And he has to admit, despite his insecurity and social awkwardness one thing rings in his mind. 


Here is the edited version! It answers your questions I hope. Just minor details and the like. Except his contacts. My Wifi is gonna be a bit shaky so if I am afk for a bit I apologise in advance.
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From To<<Matrix message>>
"As a Mage I have no issue with 'shoot the face first'. He deserves it and it's about time they stopped targeting me right from the go." -The Tekwych


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For fleshing out locales, enemies, and contacts, is it safe to assume that Seattle 2072 is still largely accurate? Most of my contacts are pretty seedy and I want to make sure the map in my head is still good.

Black Bart

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[spoiler]Street Name: Black Bart

Bod 9
Agi 4           Rea 5
Str 8            Cha 2(3) Added 1 point+15 Karma
Int 5             Log 4
Wil 3           Edge 6

Phys Cond 13      Stun Cond 10     
Initiative 10+1d
Armor 15               Ess 5.62
Nuyen Remaining 1,181           Composure 6
Judge 8                 Lift 17
Memory 7             Movement 8/16


City Slicker
Home ground (Puyallup)
Jack of all trades
Thermo Vision (Natural)

In Debt II
Predjudiced (Common, Outspoken) (Humans)
SINner (Criminal) (Charles Earl Bowles)
Slow Healer

Marjorie Gang Leader Puyallup (2/2)
Caleb  Beat Cop Seattle (2/3)
Sarge Fixer Penumbra (3/1)

Skills (I tried to take advice of everybody and stayed away from over indulging skill points, and I'm not entirely sure how to write it here.

Athletics 2               Ettiquette 5(7) (street)
Intimidation 8         Longarms 10
Negotiation 4         Palming 5
Perception 7(9) (Visual)      Pilot Ground Craft 6
Pistols 5(7) (Semi-Autos)         Unarmed 10

Knowledge Skills
Street Drugs 10         Gangs 9
Area Knowledge Seattle (Puyallup) 9(11)                Ettiquette (Police) 8

Spurs (Used)

Lifestyle Squatter
Troll Club House 1 month 350
Cramped -10% Dangerous Area -20% Metatype +100%


Lined Coat (11)                                                Forearm Guards (3)
Attachable Gear Access                                 Gel Packs
Gel Packs                                                           

Good pants (synth leather)                           Good shoes
Cheap socks                                                   Cheap undergarments
Cheap shirt                                                      Cheap gloves

Ares Viper Slivergun                                                                       Defiance T-250, Short Barrel
(Sound Suppressor part of base weapon)                                Hip Pad Bracing System
Hidden Gun Arm Slide
Smartgun Sys (Internal)


Goggles (Rating 3)                                                     Earbuds (Rating 3)
Flare Comp                                                                  Audio Enhancement (Rating 2)
Low LIght                                                                      Spatial Recognizer
Vision Enhancement (Rating 3)

Backpack (Cheap)
Can of spray paint (Dark Blue)                       Can of spray paint (Black)
Lighter                                                                 10 packs of Ultra-Lux brand cigarettes
Liter Canteen

4 hits Asia       3 hits Jazz
4 hits Red Mescal     5 hits cram
5 hits Hurlg     4 hits Push
4 hits Novacoke    2 hits Betameth
2 Dreamchips     1 Moodchip
1 Personaflix   2 Tripchips
Pocket Notebook (Keeps separate track of deals and money owed)

Metalink Commlink

40 Flechette Rounds (Heavy Pistols)
30 Shells Regular Ammo (Shotgun)

Certified Credstick (Standard) $1000

Harley Scorpion[/spoiler]

Being born and not being wanted has it's downfalls. Especially when you're in the blight in one of the worst cities in the world. Tacoma was a great place, if you were normal. Puyallup was not. It was home of rats, disease, starvation and anyone who couldn't make it in Seattle. Black Bart was born here, his parents ditched him as soon as he could walk. Life for a troll isn't glamorous. Especially with a policlub branding you the devil, or the son of said deity. He was beaten to the edge of death, but a fresh young badge named Caleb Gafferty came to his aide. Caleb broke protocol and brought young Black Bart to his home in suburban Seattle. It cost Caleb his friends, his wife and almost his job bring the "Trog" home. Caleb showed Black Bart how to shoot a gun, how to make an honest living. But that didn't suit Black. He would never be better than a "Trog" to anyone. So he broke into a liquor store and drank himself to sleep in it. LoneStar showed up and roughed him up exclaiming "He was so drunk we almost died in there." Black spent 3 years in a cell, brandished with the name Charles Bowles.
The day he got out he went back to Puyallup, and inquired into joining with the Troll gang "Forever Tacoma" He got in after getting his ass beat a few times. He rose in rank not soon after, becoming second Lieutenant to Marjorie. For a Troll she didn't look half bad, if horns, and muscles as big as a breeders head is your thing. But he wanted out of the normal gang life. So he became a freelance and connected with a fixer, Sarge. "I'll get you anything you could dream of, but just remember. I don't know you from Adam, if the wrong person comes looking for you."
Two months have passed and now I'm in deep with some heavy hands.
"Fuck I've gotta make more then what I am selling this shit."
I oughta call Sarge and see if he knows where I can get some work.

The Armadillo was slow tonight, the dwarf at the door was ordered to keep a list. Hotshot wizzer kids, made men and beautiful women were the only people getting in.  Must be a meeting goin on in there. Black sold a few hits of jazz but not enough for his night to be over. "Hey Sal?" he yelled to the dwarf at the door. The dwarf looking important look over at him. "You mind?" he thumbed at his bike flashing a few nuyen at him. The dwarf nodded at him tapping his commlink. Black transferred 50 nuyen to the dwarf, and headed over to the Crime Mall. He surveyed the street. Across from him he could see some street urchins huddling around a garbage fire. The waves of heat rising more than forty feet in the air. Rats the size of small dogs fighting over scraps, most people wouldn't dream of touching. Well at least anywhere not in the Barrens. He kept to the building, looking further down the street, A kid was standing in front of a court, a little uncomfortable. The gun tucked into the front of his pants made him sag, and he looked real nervous. The Ancients don't care about their prospects. Stand here and call out anything big going down. I let him be, The Ancients and I are at uneasy peace for now. I sold one of their girls the last of my Psycho. Better said she flipped and clawed the leaders face to shreds. I told him I wasn't responsible for what she did. They didn't see it that way. I told him I'd give him a discount, but that wasn't good enough. They called down a favor and tried to roll me. Didn't work for them. I still have a few bullet holes in my duster needing patched. They still have a few guys they need buried.

I turned the corner and there it was, The big CM. A bustling paradise for anyone with a few illicit needs. I set up shop, and cat called a few times looking for the right buyer.
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« Reply #42 on: <01-21-16/2159:40> »
@Bart: He's like a walking pharmacy! Handy guy to know, I think. Side note, neat intro! Isn't The Armadillo a decker bar? That's Theresa Smeland's old place, right?

Black Bart

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« Reply #43 on: <01-21-16/2205:53> »
Oh yeah chum, I got what you need. It's been fun dusting off some of my old books and shadowplay was awesome.
-Side note I wish Changeling was a little more applicable probably my favorite book.
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@BlackBart: Hey, my contacts list has Aggie and (possibly) Jack Skater on it (Which book am I referencing twice?). Shadowplay is sitting next to Striper Assassin and Terminus Experiment on my desk right now. Doc Dicer from Shadowplay has made an appearance over in the Kanyeshna thread, but no one's asked why she's not in Seattle anymore. Which one was Changeling?

@Adamu: Character nearly done. Will submit her tomorrow. I have ALL THE CONTACTS (Cha 9, The free ones, friends in high places). Which is funny because she's still an ex-bunraku living in Tarislar who dances at either Daisy Chain or SybreSpace