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Dallas, TX! All-Con 2011, March 18-20

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Patrick's somewhere on the road between Cleburne and home, I'm up from a nap to try and recovery a bit, and a good time was had by all.  My throat was shot after two seminars, a weekend of chatting, and running a game over the background noise of a hallway (since it wasn't an official game, we didn't have a room) -- everyone had a blast! 

I include, especially, the first-timer that drove her Land Rover 2068 through the front wall of a Humanis Policlub chapter house "to ambush them," and who later had the smartlink on her character's gun programmed to update her facebook status with kill-counter updates since the dice loved her and she kept finishing off the baddies the rest of the team roughed up (so she cackled as she got more kills than anyone else, including her real-life husband who was playing the Combat Mage, and Patrick who'd snagged the Street Samurai).

Good times, good times.   8)

Glad ya'll had fun. That was one of the reasons I didn't come out besides being at work Saturday morning. Thought about going up there but decided nahhh.

Sunday though I did take a good historical miniatures game out at casa ' de Lloyd's gaming group. A fun but rough game.

I talked to the owners about an "official" game room but they weren't really interested. The hotel has a good amount of space so it couldn't hurt. They just didn't see it as a reason to push for it as they're core audience was pretty geeky. Did they have any mini's games there? Ironically the folks owning All Con are in Crowley, TX (SW Fort Worth).

If there's interest maybe next we could see about organizing some official events and setting up a game room. Probably have to meet with them in person to discuss it. I think for the crowd though roleplaying and card games would go over well. Although I run a fun Doctor Who game it might go over equally well as there probably were alot of "Doctor's" there at the con. The only downside for the hotel is the lack of good bar's nearby. There's a new game store near the hotel I need to check out called the "Toy Soldier". One of the owners puts on Skirmish in Plano another good miniatures event but not really roleplaying friendly.

AKON and Animefest tend to be more roleplaying friendly.One idea I had for a roving Shadowrun game was to actually build some LED driven signs and stuff using PVC pipe to create a table atmosphere that's more mood inspired. Also having a Jambox or pc speakers playing music would help give it some extra "oomf". 


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