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Elite Forces of the Sixth World

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--- Quote from: ScytheKnight on ---An interesting list... just as a note though, when linked to Facebook the preview is talking about North American sports teams.

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Thanks. I'm trying to fix the problem now.

EDIT: I think I fixed it.

There seems to be no love for the Salish.  Back in NAN1, they stood their own against the Wildcats in some military exercise.  Maybe the issue is that they don't specialize their troops that way.  Anyway, I want to say there are 3 groups: The Border Patrol, the Coast  Guard and the Security Force (combination military/police).

They suffered a lot during the war with Tsimshian in terms of casualties and dilution of talent when the Rangers had their best removed to form the core of the Salish Defense Force.

Also, just the be clear, these are the groups actually identified in existing material. Some has been clarified, but for the most part they are as presented in the source material. There's nothing precluding the existence of elite Salish Rangers or SDF units, but none have been identified as of yet. That said, who can say? The Salish will probably be mentioned to some extent in Seattle Sprawl.

Like I said, they were mentioned back in NAN1 back in 1st edition.

I'm also going to throw out there that the Smoke Jumpers are stationed in Salish territory.  While they aren't a military force, they do routinely drop into the most hazardous situations imaginable. 

Maybe I'm just too sensitized that the Salish have been largely ignored despite being to intrinsically linked to Seattle.

It didn't indicate a permanent and discrete unit within the Rangers, though, and I'm not inclined to describe an entire national paramilitary police/security force as an elite unit.

However, that may change. I can't say.


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