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Here's a decker-oriented PACK; I might add more PACKS later.

Starting Decker Pack
(350,000 Nuyen/175 Karma)
Midway between the Basic and Advanced Decker PACKS, cyberdeck-wise, this PACK is meant to be more comprehensive than the other two, containing not only the cyberdeck, but also all of the augmentations, software, accessories, and other gear for a decker to be able to hit the ground running.

Cyberdeck (Renraku Tsurugi)
Cybereyes: 2 with
 > Flare Compensation
 > Low-Light Vision
 > Magnification
 > Smartlink

Cerebral Booster: 2
Mnemonic Enhancer: 2
Sleep Regulator

2 Meta Link commlinks (throwaway/decoy)

see above

Electronic Paper
Satellite Link
Trid Projector

RFID Tags:
40 Standard Tags
20 Datachips
5 Sensor Tags (each includes rating: 2 sensor)
15 Stealth Tags

Bug Scanner: 6
3 Data Taps
Jammer, Area: 4
2 Micro-Transceivers
Tag Eraser
White Noise Generator: 6

Agent: 4
All 7 Common Use Cyberprograms (from main book)
All 19 Hacking Cyberprograms (from main book)
5 Datasofts
5 Mapsofts
5 Shopsofts

Hardware Toolkit
Software Toolkit

Optical and Imaging Devices/Vision Enhancements:
Glasses (Capacity: 1) with Image Link (when not using cybereyes for safety or disguise reasons).

This one is fairly basic, for a very street-level shadowrunner.

Hobo With A Shotgun PACK
(6,000 Nuyen/3 Karma)

Squatter Lifestyle (1 Month prepaid)
Fake SIN (1)
Meta Link Commlink with:
 >Sim Module (Hot Sim)
 >Mapsoft (Home Sprawl)
 >5 Dream Chips

Defiance T-250 Shotgun (short-barrelled version)
50 Rounds of Explosive (slug) Ammunition
Lined Coat with Chemical Protection (1)

Lugggage (good) - Backpack or Military-Surplus Duffel Bag
1 Standard Credstick
Survival Kit
Respirator (1)

This one is for everyone who has taken Resources: E, spent 10 Karma for 20,000 Nuyen more, and tried to get the basic runner necessities for 26,000 Nuyen.  There are lots of ways to do this; here is one of them.

Starting Runner PACK
(26,000 Nuyen/13 Karma)

Low (1 Month prepaid).

Fake ID (Rating: 4) with Fake Gun, Concealed Carry, and Driver's Licenses (Rating: 4); 1 Silver and 2 standard Certified  Credsticks.

Choose one melee weapon:
>Survival Knife -OR- Extendable Baton -OR- Nuks.

Choose one ranged weapon:
>Browning Ultra-Power heavy pistol with silencer, concealable holster, 2 spare clips, 100 rounds of regular ammo, and 100 rounds of gel ammo.


>Defiance T-250 Shotgun (short-barrel version) with laser sight, 100 rounds of regular ammo, 100 rounds of explosive ammo, and 50 rounds of gel ammo.


>Ceska Black Scorpion  with laser sight, suppressor, quick-draw holster, 4 spare clips, 210 rounds of regular ammo, and 70 rounds of APDS ammo.

Armor Jacket, Armor Vest, Helmet (for riding bike).

Sony Emperor Commlink with biometric reader, sim module, and trodes; Meta Link Commlink (disposable/throwaway), 1 Data Chip.

Micro-Transceiver, Tag Eraser, White Noise Generator (Rating: 6), Medkit (Rating: 3), Survival Kit, Set of Metal Restraints, Flashlight, Lugggage (good) - Backpack or Duffel Bag.

Vehicle: Yamaha Growler off-road bike.


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