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« on: <08-07-15/1258:02> »
Can someone point me in the correct direction of where to look if someone in my group wants to run a Metavarient character. We are going to use the Priority Table but I was wondering what changes I need to make to the overall I needed to make to the table if any. I was also thinking about just making the PC take either an advantage or disadvantage to match up to what is said in Run Faster.

For Example:

Player A has decided that she wants to use the Metavarient Hobgoblin. I would then say that the Body and Strength min - max stats are reduced by one each.
Player B wants to play an Ogre. That person is then forced to take one level of the indomitable advantage since Ogres have a notoriously strong will.

Please let me know if I am on the right track or if I am way off. I want to make sure that the characters we create are Missions legal.

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Run Faster states the rules on Metavariants in black and white.  If you want to run metavariants at a Missions legal table, use the rules in Run Faster.  There is no need to instill other parameters.
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« Reply #2 on: <08-07-15/1328:30> »
1. The racial mins/maxes for Hobgoblins are on page 104 of Run Faster.  Barring some sort of Positive or Negative Quality, you don't need to adjust them.

2. No.  The notoriously strong will of Ogres (and a few other races) is reflected in their higher racial max for the Willpower stat.  Taking Indomitable or something similar may add to the flavor of this trait, but it's certainly not required.
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« Reply #3 on: <08-07-15/1418:17> »
Thanks for the replies. Apparently when I downloaded the PDF from Drivethru the first time it missed something. Redownloaded and everything is exactly where it should be.