SRM 06-01 "10-57" Results (my first Missions GMing!)

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(After reading through it twice and taking detailed notes, I couldn't figure it out. When I got to the convention on Thursday night, I interrogated Harold about the mission and he gave me some cliff notes about background stuff that I didn't know. Based on the info Harold gave me, I was able to run the mission OK (and the players had a good time!))

So here's how it went down:

10 AM Monday. The runners are all crazy enough to answer a comm-call from Lone Star. Detective Ryder is on the line, and tells them to meet him at the Red Door Bar.

The party:
Jay Mac - the decker
Ballista - the archer/sammy
John - the troll
Athena - the brawler adept
Holmes - the face

No mojo. Could be a little bit dicey, there.

Detective Ryder and Dr. Tate give the runners the gig, the missing persons file, and the passcode. When Holmes starts to negotiate, Tate offers the sweet deltaware discount. Holmes talks Ryder up to 7500 'yen.

Jay Mac does a bunch of digging on the 'trix and finds that both families are involved in the community watch program. One of the wives apparently is working a cover for Truman Tech, looking for someone who was lost in the CZ decades ago.

The runners head to the home and check out the neighborhood. Jay springs the maglock on the fence and gets the drawbridge to come down. The runners encircle the main building. They set off the floodlights, but manage to avoid the tripwires and pressure plates through dumb luck.

Ballista enters through the garage and starts searching one of the houses. He makes it down into the basement, and stumbles across the secret passage. As he's checking out the map (and feeding the images to the team), the rest of the runners are milling around outside, under the floodlights. Holmes goes to open the shed, then catches a whiff of something terrible and thinks better of it.

The runners outside spot a group of Desolation Angels going door-to-door. They try to hide, but also raise the drawbridge, which causes a terrible racket and alerts the Angels to the group's presence. John rips out the hinges on an armored back door to get the team into the building, while Holmes goes out to the fence to negotiate, flashing his P.I. license.

Holmes tells the ganger about the team's gig, and the ganger tells Holmes that the runners should come meet their boss. Holmes asks the gangers to wait for a few minutes while the runners finish sweeping the house.

The runners open up the shed - and find out what the John the troll ate for breakfast. As the runners prepare to leave, Holmes loots a nice soyspresso machine from the Castle kitchens.

The gangers pile into a beat-up old Ford Americar and lead the runners back to the clubhouse, where Becky 99 is sifting through the rubble. Becky tells the team about the missing gangers, and offers an additional reward if the runners keep her up to speed on the investigation. Holmes agrees to do it at half the reward Becky offers, in exchange for a small favor at a later time.

Jay Mac figures the two families must have cars. Holmes calls a Lone Star contact and gets the tags for two vehicles - a Ford Americar and a Toyota Gopher.
(OOC: Since the vehicles weren't home, I decided the gangers must've stolen the vehicles after the kidnapping, and dropped them off someplace to be picked up by a chop shop.)

Jay Mac traces the last-recorded location of the two vehicles to an empty lot up in the northern part of the neighborhood. The runners spot tire tracks from the Gopher and the Americar, as well as multiple sets of bike tracks. As the runners approach, they see the Green and Purple gangers "at war" in the streets. The team decides it's best just to avoid them.

Jay Mac does some digging on the matrix, and find that the CZ's one working gas station has an old, but still-working camera on site.

The runners head to the gas station and stop in for gas. Jay Mac crack's the gas station's node and pulls the data feed from the station's cameras. Holmes uses the crappy pump service speaker to chat and distract the gas station attendant (who is shuttered in an armored metal bunker next to the pump). Holmes talks like he wants to buy info, but isn't willing to pay the expected bribe.

Jay manages to pull the data, and mess with the gas station's defenses, so the runners can get out without paying. Jay bricks the station's automated defenses, managing to very nearly get tagged by G.O.D. in the process. Jay does the smart think and resets his link.

The runners review the gas station camera feed. The Gopher and the Americar were caught on camera passing the gas station, along with a bunch of Purple Haze gangers on their signature Suzuki bikes. The bikes are seen frequently hanging out around the gas station.

The runners call Becky99 and give her an update. She tells them to go find the bikes, and thereby find the perps. Holmes asks her to talk to the people at the gas station and see what she can learn, while the team continues to investigate.

The runners investigate the clinic. Since the power is off, John the troll does most of the work opening doors and helping the team navigate around. The runners eventually manage to find the circuit breaker and generator in the breakroom. Holmes manages to get the lights working.

Jay finds the camera footage on the host, and also crack the patient records. Athena lifts both medkits out of the supply room, and cherry-picks some iodine pills (for treating radiation poisoning) out of the extra medkit supplies.

Becky99 tells the team that she spoke to the gas station attendant, and wants $2,000 credits for the damage Jay inflicted on the station's defenses. When Jay forks over the 'yen, she tells the runners that the Purple Haze gangers are regulars at the station and that they've been seen lately hanging out in the southwest part of the neighborhood. The attendant also provides the matrix tags of the bikes.

Using the info from the station, the runners track the bikes to the flower shop. They set up an ambush for the gangers and Ballista fires an explosive arrow, demolishing one of the bikes. There's no response from the flower shop. Ballista hits another bike, and it goes up in smoke and shattered parts.

The team decides to send John the troll into the flower shop. John wanders into the flower shop and fumbles around blindly until he finds the light switch.
The rest of the team watches the front of the flower shop explode in a massive fireball. John is relatively unhurt (being a troll), but his armored jacket is lit up and he has to drop and roll to put it out. The sprinkler system helps him out a little bit.
(I didn't have stolen souls handy, so I used the fireball, but not the DMSO drug.)

The troll lumbers on, and finds a tripwire that's already been tripped. A moment later, he stumbles out of the shop, coughing and nauseated.
The runners decide to rest for an hour, so the troll can recover. As they're chilling outside, rigging up the soyspresso machine to run off of the engine on Ballista's bike, Becky99 and her crew show up, following the sounds of the earlier explosions. Becky99 gently but firmly encourages the runners to continue exploring the flower shop. She sends Jenny, one of the Desolation Angels bodyguards, in with the team as backup.

Holmes sends one of the leftover ganger bikes into the shop to trip any traps that might be left. He spots the hidden hatch in the cold storage room, and John opens it up. Holmes drives the bike down into the hole. It clatters down the narrow pipe before splashing into the storm drain runoff and bricking itself.

Athena climbs down into the sewer with a flashlight and respirator mask, followed by Athena. John strips down and lets Jay and the Desolation Angels grease him up, so he can fit in the hole. It's the kind of sight you can't really forget. Jenny follows the group down into the tunnel.

We soon found out what several of the runners had for lunch.

The runners explore the cavern and spot the half-eaten face of one of the victims (but not the green leather patch). As they're looking around, Jenny (who happened to be bringing up the rear) is bitten by one of two vampires that appear in the chamber.

Holmes and Jay Mac watch the blair-witch cams from above as the three runners below engage the vampires. The vampires are fast, owing in part to the death domain that permeates the cave, and one of them nearly manages to grab Athena. The other hits Ballista wth a manabolt that makes her head swim. The three runners down below manage to take out one of the vampires, and Jenny rock-and-rolls, nailing the second vamp with her submachine gun.

The other Desolation Angels come storming down into the cavern. Ballista administers first aid to Jenny, but figures Jenny's almost certainly infected with HMHVV.

At a signal from Becky99, Jenny puts her SMG under her own chin. Jenny willingly adds her own blood, brains, and skull fragments to the chamber's decor, rather than succumb to the infection.

Becky99 pays the runners and says, "we'll take it from here". The runners also get paid by Detective Ryder and Dr. Tate, minus the cost of the medkits stolen from Dr. Tate's clinic. They get an extra point of loyalty from Becky99, since they volunteered to take a pay cut.
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