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Thomas Roxborough and cloning

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I'm going to use Thomas Roxborough in my campaign with his eagerness to obtain new body as one of the plot's motives. Of course, his quest for new body must be full of DRAMA. But what on earth prevents him from downright buying a cloned body and inserting his brain into it? 4th edition Augmentation rulebook describes it as available treatment is 2070s. Perhaps his desease somehow prevents his brain from accepting new body?

Any cloned body will have the same auto-immune disease as his old body and will deteriorate over time as well.  Maybe there's a mega-corp (one he isn't part of) which has a treatment for his disease.  the main part of the run would be to get their hands on the treatment, after which a cloned body might work.

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
I tried to run a 'Freejack' with Roxborough once.  Unfortunately, none of the players had ever seen the movie.

And if Alice survived the Crash, she'll want to stop anything like that from happening.

I've actually wondered why he wouldn't go full cyborg. My assumption is the vat he is in lets him keep his essence, which is why he's not crazy like the other brains in a jar.


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