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Couple of SR3 Decking Questions


Swing Kid:
The guys and I are playing some old SR3 stuff, and we ran across a couple decking questions.

1) If you defeat Scramble IC that is on a file by attacking it, does that remove the encrypted aspect of the file? Meaning, once it has been suppressed/crashed, can the file be downloaded normallly? I see in the SR3 rulebook (p228) that it can be attacked and destroyed/suppressed, but I can't tell by the verbage if doing so will make the file accessible.

2) Also, during such cybercombat, should I just assume that on the IC's initiative, it just tries the Scramble Test that it describes for failed decrypt attempts, or simply have the Scramble Tests happen once/every time it is attacked?

3) If Crippler IC damages a decker's icon attributes (say a Jammer knocks his Sensor down a few points), is the damage permanent, or can it be repaired? What would a decker need to do (post run of course)?


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