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The Wyrm Ouroboros:
The Secret Stash
(26,000 + 3 Karma / 16 karma) (12F)

The secret stash is where you go when your main house and your usual safehouse is blown.  This is a place you tell none of your teammates about.  The guy who works there (the accompanying contact) knows you by the name on the fake ID tucked inside the jacket pocket, and probably doesn't know enough to recognize you from Adam otherwise.  With transportation, armor, identification, and weaponry taken care of, you can get back on the road in order to wreak vengeance on those who have screwed you over.  Good luck, chummer.

Suzuki Mirage racing bike (8,500)Ares Predator V (725) w/ 4 clips (60 rounds) regular ammo (140) and a concealable, quick-draw holster (325)Helmet (eq. to Urban Explorer) w/ image link and sound link (125)Flash-Bang and Frag Grenades, 1 each (200)Mapsoft (city streets, 100)Armored Jacket (1,000)3 Months Squatter Lifestyle prepaid (3 x 500 for 1500 total - typically 'not a home', but can be)Meta Link commlink (100) and 2 cheap burner commlinks (20 each)Spare Cash, additional weapon, clothing, etc. (1665)Rating 4 Fake SIN (10,000) w/ Rating 4 licenses (vehicle, pistol possession & concealed-carry: +1600)
Contact (Site Clerk, C1/L2)      
     The site clerk may work for a U-STOR-IT, an airport-area coffin hotel, or a D-neighborhood apartment complex; what he does is mostly keep the place (relatively) clean of both kinds of trash, hitting the PanicButton if he's threatened and making sure the rooms are empty before they're rented again.  For occasional bribes and a friendly smile, he's willing to look the other way while you store your Highly Illegal Crap inside your unit at his location ... and even shoot you a message if the cops come sniffing around.      

Ursus Maior:
Love it!

How would you handle pre-paid lifestyles in game? Specifically the part that covers food and other consumables? Would that be a pre-set place simply wating for you to show up? Who lives there, before you "bug-out"?

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
Nobody lives there; you lose the 'consumables' portion each month, sorry.  I think 3E did lifestyle variants in general better than 5E; for my home game, I'll probably continue to use my fashion and lifestyle rules, the latter modified from 3e with 4e (and, eventually, 5e) tweaks so that you can get what you're looking for - or what the GM says is available.  ("What, ghouls in the closet again??")  IMO, one should not need to pay a base of 5000 monthly for the Middle lifestyle privilege of having a 5'x10' U-STOR-IT to put a frickin' motorcycle into.  At most, the unit should cost 100 or so, providing for nothing besides the space itself, except maybe the area it's set in - a storage unit in a building in Renton (AA security) is going to be more expensive (say, 135) than one in a D-zone (28).

... huh.  I should've included clothing.  *goes back to edit*

So why a place to live?
Couldn't you just put it with a low rating SIN on a cheap link and a linked bank account to buy yourself a doss?
Unless you assume you'll get your main fake SIN back, or keep it, in which case, there'll be plenty of money on whatever secondaries you have with the shadow bank of your choice.
Can't run without a SIN, anyways.

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
Uh ... it isn't typically a place to live.  It's the 5' x 10' U-Stor-It where you keep the gear.  It's the 'rent' for keeping the gear in the basement/garage of that contact's place.

Other than the first question, though, I'm not sure I understand your statement.  Are you wondering why a) there's a 'lifestyle' selected at all, and why not just throw a R1 or R2 fake sin in there along with some cash to purchase a lifestyle?  Well, this first assumes (as one always should) that your primary fake running SIN is blown.  It secondly operates on the conclusion that a low-rating SIN is virtual suicide; a 4 is what is functionally necessary to move around in society without getting into shootouts with the cops once per linear mile.  Third, it operates on the belief that if you have a bunch of stuff, you need to keep it somewhere; that's why the 'Squatter' lifestyle, even though it may not really be such (storeroom of the contact's bar, their basement, the compartment at the U-STOR-IT, whatever.  Fourth and Last, that's why the L4 SIN is in there, which it doesn't quite seem you noticed.


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