Opti's Mission Games - SRM05-02: Critics Choice

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At  Opti's Monthly Mission - SRM 5A-02: Critic's Choice, at Y2Komics, we has a grand time with this mission though we had a light turn out this time.

We had:
Stringer the B/E guy and shotgunomancer [shotguns are subtle, right?]
Sol the Jewish Technomance
Dr Ahbe the hermetic mage and medical expert.

The mission was successful and enjoyable despite the light turnout and we had a new guy check us out because he was interested in ShadowRun. Good times for all. And now, Stringer will give a report on the session.

"OK, so I am at this drek pile of a place listening to this dwarven punkabilly band, Stunty Liberation Front. Lead singer acts like he is Johhny Banger up there on stage but he could really wail. Banging on that cello sized double base and belting out the lyrics to 'Standing over me' like a madman."

"Anyway, comm lights up and some mouth breather named Sid has a job, says come meet at this place called the Vault. So Me and the boys that were available pile into the shinny new AmeriCar I got last week and head to the Vault. Except we almost don't make it! "

"There is this Piece-of-Drek truck blocking the road and a fraggin Rover half off the road, don't believe them when they say it is off road. These two Guys are dragging a kid to the truck, at least we thought it was a kid, could have been a gnome or something, but it did turn out to be a kid. "

"Anyway, I override the dog-brain and slam on the breaks so we don't slam into the truck. Ahbe gets one look at the kid and sends a fire elemental to mess up one of the guys holding the kid. The guys throw the kid in the back of the truck and then pull pistols on us, So I bail out and introduce one of them to 7mm buckshot. Apparently Sol wasn't just hiding in the back seat cause all the doors on the truck locked down tight. Which is when we recognize the colors and tags on the truck as Fleshmongers."

"Anyway, long story short, Toasty the elemental and me, we ripped up the Mongers, we even offered to let them live but they didn't seam to believe us. So Soll rolled down the windows and they started crawling out while trying to shoot like some comedy Trid. A few more rounds of buckshot and the kid was safe, turns out there was a whole pile of people in the back of the truck. We told them to get lost and stay off the streets at night cause Chicago is dangerous, you know?"

"We pile the Mongers in the truck and set the autopilot to park it in front of the local Ancients fun-house. Apparently it spontaneous burned or something later but we miss that cause we are working."

"So we get to the Vault and some slab of meat that looks like an elf skin stretched over an ork is prancing around the ring, with what was a troll lying on the floor and the mouth breather we are supposed to meet saying something about the fight of the century. We meet up with him and meet the Elf wall of meat, Sid and Matt. Sid tells us go talk to some corp suited do-gooder, Matt tells us to go talk to some spiky haired ganger in Desolation Angles colors. We get work from both and go on our merry way."

"So we head to check out this building for some stuff we need to get, crappy area, but high rent for the CZ. We look the area over, pretty clear except for the skull-tree. What, you never seen a tree that skulls grow on, pretty fraggin creepy. Ahbe says it is some Mojo-Trap-Thing, says not to touch it and then rag-dolls so he can go spooking and geeking and see what is waiting. Comes back and what do you know, the building is got people in it, but they aren't right. Not radiation wrong mutants, but their aura's are like some BTL-head. And one has got an aura like Sol. So Sol So Sol whips up some Techno-Mojo-Whatsists and sends it to the other Techno to say we come in peace and want to talk."
"Next we know, the buildings around us have a bunch of trogs with bows pointed at us, and this guy in a Niel the Ork Barbarian suit is asking what we want in his 'kingdom'. Want's to know who our liege lord is and drek like that. Sol plays along, as smooth as I have ever seen, and tells him we are here because 'King Tate' sent us to negotiate with him and to seek mementos and talismans of the Ancients. Abd there wasn't any Ancient tags on the buildings, so he must have had them stuck in his mind from the truck thing earlier. Works out Neil isn't a bad guy, nuttyer than your average BTL-head, but reasonable and willing to let the suit set up a clinic on his turf, but we have to clear a bunch of devil rats for him."

"So, we go into the basement to hunt for rats and the stuff we need. Sol, he trips and sends all three of us sliding down this rat crap crusted stairs into about 20cm of filthy sewage water with a bunch of dead rats floating in it. Ahbe sends his elemental to kill live rats and while we wait a swarm of then jump on Sol to try and get to his soft bits, which is probably anything but his skull when you think on it. So Sol is dancing around waving his Warhawk and managing a respectable soprano while he tries to shoot the rats. Ahbe and I join in and frag up the rats and get them of Sol before he shoots us by accident."

"After Sol stops quivering, those nasty rats are pretty creepy when they are swarming on you, he hooks up the old Trid stuff to the generator he brought with, and we manage to find the stuff we needed. So after we get out Neil shows us his home, some kind of 'Neil the Ork Barbarian' theme park. And Sol says our Neil is the actor that played the original Niel back in the days before the Blast. Anyway we didn't stick around but headed back where we could get a hotel room and get cleaned up, no way we were going to see the Johnson covered in rat sewer water. We did the trade off and got paid, so I guess I can afford to have a pizza and celebrate."

Yep, we spent a lot of time laughing on this one. Good times had by all.

Jayde Moon

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Sounded like a lot of fun!
That's just like... your opinion, man.


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Excellent. This was an awesome write-up. Thanks, Stinger!