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Name: Ambrose Plaman 
Age: 57
Nationality: British
Occupation: Demolitionist, Pickpocket, Smuggler, Shadow Runner
Likes: Classical Music, Rock Music, Wine, Stout, Fresh fruit
Dislikes: Dance Music, Hip-Hop, Pale Ale, Pilsner Beer, Soy
Home: Amborse's home is a small shack outside of the major areas of the city. Its fairly well hidden and has only a few minor conveniences that he's developed for the place himself using his knowledge of engineering. Most notably is a hidden room inside the shack, that hides things he'd rather not be found while he's away, reinforced windows and doors, and a workshop in the basement of the building.

Ambrose Plaman was an incredibly gifted young man in his youth. His hands, then, as they are even now, nimble appendages that allow him to perform tasks of pure and utter amazement to those who would see him perform on the streets from time to time, simple tricks at first, making coins disappear then reappear just about anywhere he'd want them to. Of course these talents of his did not just stay in the art of performance, but did also extend outwards into petty larceny and pick pocketing. A few of them to this day he still doesn't know how he got away with.

OF course this life on the hard streets wasn't needed, his parents owned a flower shop in the common folk districts of area around London. But Ambrose packed up his things, after watching a Chinese fireworks factory burn to the ground.. A sight he'd never forget, something of a train wreck, watching people run from the building on fire, while colorful streams of sparks go shooting off every direction.

It wasn't until later that he found the hit was planned by a local mafia-gang, A group of rich kids who wanted to do what they want when they wanted. The only reason one could even call it a mafia was because of the money the kids had inherited. Originally, he had intended to strike back at them, but their charasmatic leader persuaded Ambrose over to their side after finding out of the gifts Ambrose had developed in a rather short time for explosives, as well as his more long term skill of pickpocketing.

the Mafia gang headed their way to Seattle, where they were convinced they could have even more fun than in Britain. Many years have passed since then, and the excitement still lives within Ambrose, a result that a particularly bad deal happened to wipe him out of most of his funds, and at the mercy of another mafia for a quick loan.
Ambrose Plaman
B 2, A 3, R 3/4, S 4, W 3, L 6, I 5, C 2, ESS 6, EDG 3, M 6, I 1
Condition Monitor (P/S): 9 / 10
Armor: 14
Limits: Physical 5, Mental 7, Social 6
Physical Initiative: 8/9+2D6
Active Skills: Arcana (Initation +2) 2, Armorer (Explosives +2) 3, Artisan (Fireworks +2) 6, Chemistry 2, Con (Fast Talking +2) 2, Demolitions (Improvised Explosives +2) 6, Engineering Group 2, Forgery (Counterfeiting +2) 6, Hardware (Commlinks +2) 3, Influence Group 3, Perception 5, Stealth Group 5, Throwing Weapons (Non-Aerodynamic +2) 5
Knowledge Skills: Alcohol 1, Automobile Design 1, Blackmarkets (Explosives +2) 4, Building Layouts 2, Civic Engineering 2, Civical Law 4, Criminals (Bombers +2) 3, Explosive Engineering 4, Mathmatics (Physical +2) 1, Mechanical Engieering 2, Metalurgy 2, Music (Classical +2) 3, Permits and Documentation (Demoltion Permits +2) 3, Police Procedures 1, Smuggling Routes 2, Sprawl life 1, Stage Shows (Pyrotechnics +2) 2, USAC Politics 1
Languages: English N
Qualities: Adept, Aged (50-59), Perfect Time, School of Hard Knocks, SINner (National SIN): British, Technical School Education
Adept Powers: Combat Sense (1), Enthralling Performance: Artisan (12dicepool), Heightened Concern (up to -3), Improved Reflexes (1), Improved Sense: Damper, Improved Sense: Flare Compensation, Improved Sense: Human Scale, Improved Sense: Ultrasound Sensor, Light Touch (6), Nimble Fingers, Sustenance
Metamagic: (Initiate Grade 1) Adept Centering -1

Argentum coat with Mirror Weave 5, Meta Link, Transys Avalon, 3 flashbangs, 2 gas gernades, 5 smoke, demo kit, hardware kit and 300 rounds of heavy pistol ammo,

. . Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit [Handling 4/3, Speed 3, Accel 2, Body 8, Armor 4, Pilot 1, Sensor 2, Seats 2]
. . Alfred Nobel w/ Fake SIN (2), (1 month) Low Lifestyle
. . Artisian Kit
. . Berwick Suit w/ -2 modifier for concealability, Argentum Coat, Custom Fit, Increase Social Limit by 1
. . Demoltion Shop
. . Demoltions Kit
. . Forearm Guards w/ YNT Softweave
. . . . Hermes Ikon Commlink
. . Forgery Kit
. . Hermes Ikon Commlink
. . Light Stick x4
. . Meta Link Commlink
. . Meta Link Commlink
. . Meta Link Commlink
. . Meta Link Commlink
. . Miniwelder
. . Miniwelder Fuel Canister
. . Satellite Link
. . Survival Kit
. . Telescoping Mirror on a Stick
. . Tool Kit, Chemistry
. . Trodes
. .
. . Smoke Grenade x1 [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, Acc 5, DV Smoke, 10m R, AP –]
Arms Dealer (Connection 4, Loyalty 2)

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I've also set-up, (I hope), a room for Date Night. there is a line close to the top right with Roll : Dice Room : Feedback : About.   Click on Dice Room and put in your SR name or your chara name, put Date Night in the Room Name box and you should be good to go. I'll be able to see your rolls when I log in, and if you click on the die beside your name it'll make link codes so that you can post your rolls in the OOC thread.

Herr Brackhaus:
As soon as the call comes in, BlackHat will attempt to identify the source.
Matrix Perception, Computer 6 + Intuition 5 + Brand Loyalty 1 [Data Processing 5] vs Logic X + Sleaze Y: 12d6t5 6
Keep 5 hits due to my limit of 5, for every net hit I get one piece of information. In order of preference: commcode, grid, marks, type (including whether its using a custom or even illegal look), and the device rating of the target icon.

To elaborate a little bit about why I want these pieces of information so you'll know for future reference:
Commcode: as long as I know one feature of an icon it becomes easier to find in the future
Grid: this might give me some insight into who the person is. If the icon is running on the public grid, they might be careful which indicates that they are good, or they might just be poor. If they are running on the local grid, chances are they are just blending in. If they are running on a global grid (one of the big 10), chances are they are working for one of those corporations or are trying to give the impression that they are.
Marks: not very useful except to recognize the marks in the future; might give me more information about who they are, as marks can be a form of matrix signature depending on the decker
Type: if the call is coming from a device I know the data trail is being concealed, and that means proceeding in a certain way. If the call is coming from a persona, then that means the caller is being less careful with their activity because I can directly interact with them, which means proceeding in a different way that if the call originates from a device
Device rating: tells me something about the level of opposition I might be facing, both in terms of their defensive capabilities but also their level of sophistication. Chances are a barrens rat isn't going to carry around a Rating 7 commlink.

So, let me know if I get any net hits and what, if any, information I glean from it. 6 hits on 12 dice; I'm pretty happy with that, even if I only get to keep 5 of them. Keep in mind that this is pretty much the maximum hits I'll ever be able to get at this level, barring a few special circumstances.

Shaman_Yuri's chara


Subaru 昴 (Thurrayya ثورية) Ogasawara 小笠原 was born in the Free City of Constantinople of what used to be Turkey in 2059 to Satouru Ogasawara and Fatima Ogasawara-Azab of the Renraku Corporation. Her father was an up-and-coming executive in the storied megacorporation, being a third generation Renraku scion.  His wife, Fatima, was both a decker of note as well as quite the charismatic ingénue in both corporate and pan-Arab social circles who had made herself pivotal in Renraku product placement strategy for much of the Middle East.  Despite Fatima’s positive reputation within the Corp she was still a gaijin, worse than that she remained a devout if relatively liberal Muslim, and Satouru found his previously rapid climb up the corporate ladder somewhat greased.  He persevered, though, and after many impressive successes in postings throughout the world, in 2072 was made the corporate executive of SE Asian Operations for Renraku, residing in the Corporate City of Singapore. It was there in Singapore that someone finally found the flaw in Satouru's corporate armor - Fatima and her often unorthodox decking methods.  Through various underhanded schemes implemented over the course of three years, a group of Renraku executives who saw Satouru as a threat to their own ambitions managed to collectively frame Fatima on embezzlement charges.  Hundreds of millions of nuyen were involved.  The impact not only touched Renraku resources, but also Singapore and Constantinople.  Given enough time, Satouru, Fatima, and their allies might have been able to get to the bottom of the web of lies, but they weren't given the chance.  In order to save face, Renraku took the easy way out and immediately threw Subaru ‘s parents under the bus.  Her father was ordered to commit seppuku.  Her mother was to be handed over to Singaporan authorities as an example.  Fatima never left the Renraku Arcology, however.  Despite Islamic prohibitions on suicide, her gored corpse was found beside her husband's - the two had released their disdain, and their guts, onto the floor of Satouru's office together. This should have been the end of Subaru ‘s life as well.  A sixteen year old girl, the apple of her parents' eyes who had been given all the educational resources any child could ever have expected or desired, was too much a risk to be allowed to live.  Subaru was already a decker of repute, perhaps the best of her age in all the company.  On top of that, Subaru was awakened – a surprise that came during menarche but which wasn’t totally unexpected given her grandfather’s status as an Islamic tradition magician of some note.  Subaru was a prodigy who, like her mother, wasn't afraid to skirt the rules or use unorthodox methods to obtain results.  The company was in fact encouraging her in the hopes her status as a Decker Mage would yield new insight on both technology and magic, the intersection of the two, and perhaps even reveal the secret behind Technomancy.  As a highly trained decker as well as a developing mage, her potential ability to exact revenge was seemingly limitless, especially if she had nothing to lose.  But her parents had recognised the threat.  Rather than try to escape their fate themselves, Satouru and Fatima called in every favor, applied every resource they still had, to arrange extraction of their daughter to somewhere safe.That somewhere was Seattle.In the dark of night, barely a day after the charges against Fatima came to light and the seppuku order was a certainty, Subaru was permitted by those in the company who owed Satouro favors to slip out undocumented from the Arcology and into the hands of Yakuza who also personally owed Satouru favors.  She left with nothing but the protective jumpsuit she wore, not even her precious top-of-the-line cyberdeck.  She was spirited away from Singapore in an ancient container ship which made its way eastward across the Pacific, rather than westward through the Malacca Strait which might have been expected given her lineage, before eventually coming to port in the Emerald City, Subaru’s new home. Now in Seattle, the debt to her parents is repaid and she's on her own with nothing but a credstick with barely a handful of nuyen and the armored jumpsuit she was wearing when she left the Renraku Arcology in Singapore.  She's fresh off the boat and her only ties in Seattle are to the Yakuza who have helped set her up with some contacts and a place to stay.  They've made it clear her relationship with them now is strictly business - if she needs something from them she'll have to pay in one currency or another.
Current Status
It's been a month since her arrival and Subaru is starting to set down a few roots.  Using the money on the credstick left to her by her parents as seed money, she was able to pay the Yakuza to set her up with a reasonably effective fake SIM.  She's now known as Renge Miyauchi.  She has a small flat she shares with the daughter of a Yakuza low-ranker, the two splitting the expenses.  Both Subaru and Jenna spend much of their time on the 'trix.  Although a bit older, Jenna is nowhere near Subaru’s league.  Subaru is working hard to sooth the native Seattle girl's jealousy by teaching her tricks of the trade.A lifeline for her so far has been an old friend of her father's, George Ishikawa.  The two came to know each other when her father was stationed in Seattle before her parent's even met.  Although George will not bend any rules for her or extend any Yak favors to her, he still has provided invaluable advice and mentoring.  It was George who helped facilitate her roommate arrangement.  George also has also arranged for some odd freelance jobs to come her way.  Enough work to pay her basic bills and give her a decent grid connection. Less a favor and more a noose, though, was the deal Subaru had to make to get the bargain basement deck she now used on the 'trix.  Despite having no resources or evidence that she could pay it, George was able to arrange for a loan permitting her to get back on the grid without hot simming.  George made it clear repayment was not elective.  If she couldn't make her payments, they would be extracted from her body piece by piece until nothing was left.  Friend of her father aside, nuyen is business and Subaru accepted that with a deep bow.  She's Renraku to her core, and she would expect no different. She'll pay the debt.  She has a reason to live.


She WILL pay back the self-absorbed bastards who murdered her parents and destroyed her birthright for nothing more than personal gain.  Her honorable place in the structure of the greatest secular organization in the history of mankind, Renraku, is perhaps as dead as the corpse left in her burnt out room to lead everyone to believe she was killed by her parents before their own suicides.  But her desire for payback is very, very much alive. The biggest surprise for Subaru in Seattle has been her one and only friend.  Lexi is a tweener street rat who manages to survive in and around the neighborhood Subaru planted herself in.  Lexi helped Subaru slip away from some toughs who wanted more than she was willing to give.  Subaru reciprocated with food, a shower, and a night's sleep out of the Seattle icy rain cuddling on a futon with Subaru for warmth in the minimally heated apartment.  Since then, Lexi has shown Subaru her 'hood and started teaching the Singaporan, Renraku, silver-spoon kid the ropes she'll need to know, and soon, to survive in her new home.


The world will never know what kind of mage Subaru might have been at full power.  At the age of three, she received her first data jack, a direct neural interface located on the back of her skull.  The invasion of her mana from that and the ensuing twin of the first, this one on her wrist, she received when she entered formal electronic warfare training will forever limit her horizons.  Well, that and her late start on her studies.  Still, she’s remarkably gifted as a mage given her augmentation and engaged her magic studies with the same vigor and discipline as she always engaged her matrix training. Her late start and her implants were not the only thing that held her back when she finally did manifest her powers.  She also was challenged to determine her tradition.  Renraku’s approved tradition for their corporate-born, particularly their Yamato Japanese, was Shinto.  Unfortunately, Subaru’s faith had already been shaped by her mother.  The spirits, ancestor worship, and icons associated with the Imperial Japanese state religion were anathema to her.  A compromise was found when a master of the Wuxing tradition was appointed to mentor young Subaru.  Both master and student quickly realized not even Wuxing was the right fit for the young mage, however, although she made strides previously unachievable within the alien Shinto ranks. Subaru’s true path was discovered during the summer vacation of her fourteenth year when she spent August on the sultry shores of the Bosphorus with her maternal grandparents.  The time with her sufi grandfather was quite literally magical. During those few weeks she found her tradition as well as a renewed passion for serving Allah.    Although upon her return she and her Wuxing master continued to pay lip service to her as a Wuxing tradition mage, there was no doubt where her future in magic would lie. One unexpected advantage to her new found freedom has been to permit Subaru, or more accurately ثورية, to pursue her true direction in magic and faith.  She is voraciously consuming all she can about the magical tradition of Islam.  Someday she’d like to study with her grandfather again, but for now she knows that an attempt to contact him would be suicide…and possibly death for her grandparents too.  Like with revenge, she can afford to wait a while. 


Subaru (昴) was a decker first, and decking remains where she truly excels.  On the grid she’s known known as “Firefly” (Hotaru (蛍) or  يراعة) and she continues to make the name legendary.  She’s currently gimped in her persona life by her minimal deck and the fact nearly all her waking hours must now be dedicated to paying the interest if not the principle on her massive debt to the Yakuza.  Desperation will breed creativity – it must if she’s to avenge her parents.

Metatype: Human Islamic Magician; Female; Ethnicity:Euro-Japanese; Age: 16; Height: 1.6m; Weight: 52kg; Hair:Brownish Black; Eyes: Hazel; Skin: Light Brown
Total Karma: 0; Current Karma: 0; Street Cred: 0; Notoriety:
0; Public Awareness: 0

Body. . . . . . . . 2  Agility . . . . . . . . 2  Reaction . . . . . . . 2  Strength . . . . . . . 1  Willpower . . . 5 Logic . . . . . . . 6   Intuition. . . . . . . 5  Charisma. . . . . . 5 

Attributes: Essence  . . . 5.8  Edge  . . . . 2   Magic. . . . . . 5  Initiative . . . 7+1D6

Inherent Limits :
[2] Physical Limit  [8] Mental Limit  [7] Social Limit  [8] Astral Limit

Movement : 4m/8m/+2 Land Movement    2m/+1 Swimming

Active Skills :
10 [8] Arcana 4 (Log)
9 [8] Assensing 4 (Int)
9 [A] Astral Combat 4 (Wil)
6 [8] Banishing* (Mag)
6 [F] Binding* (Mag)
Computer 6 (Log)12 [M]
7 [7] Con 2 (Cha)
11 [8] Counterspelling* (Mag)
Cybercombat 6 (Log)12
Electronic Warfare 4 (Log)10
7 [7] Etiquette* (Cha)
3 [2] Gymnastics* (Agi)12
Hacking 6 (Log) 10
Hardware 4 (Log)
7 [7] Leadership* (Cha)
7 [7] Negotiation* (Cha)
6 [7] Performance 1 (Cha) Perfect Time : +1 on tests involving timing and (Classical Instruments +2) rhythm.
11 [F] Ritual Spellcasting* (Mag)
2 [2] Running* (Str)
Software 4 (Log)10
11 [F] Spellcasting* (Mag)
6 [F] Summoning* (Mag)
2 [2] Swimming* (Str)
* Athletics Group 1
* Conjuring Group 1
Physical Damage Stun Damage
7 [8] Business 1 (Log)
6 +2) [8] Islamic faith and magical
11 [8] Matrix Culture 6 (Int)
8 [8] Arabic 3
11 [8] English 6
Active Skills
* Influence Group 2
* Sorcery Group 6
Knowledge Skills
(Renraku Corporate traditions 1 (Int)
Language Skills
('l33tspeak +2)
N Japanese
(Corp +2)
8 [8] Mandarin 3
Ranged attacks against you are at : +0
Ranged Defense (No Action): 7
Full Defense (-10 Interrupt, for the rest of the turn): +5
Melee attacks against you are at : +0
Melee Defense (No Action): 7
Full Defense (-10 Interrupt, for the rest of the turn): +5
Dodge (-5 Interrupt, vs. one melee attack): +1 [2]
Unarmed Strike Block (-5 Interrupt, vs. one melee attack): +1 [2]
Sensor Defense (No Action): 1 [2]
Unarmed Strike 1S 1 [2] Reach: –
11 Armor 9
11 Acid Protection 9 11 Falling Protection 9
11 Cold Protection 9 11 Fire Protection 9
11 Electricity Protection 9

Damage Resistances :Contact 7 7  Ingestion 7 7  Inhalation 7 7  Injection 7 7

Edge Pool

Validation Report (2 issues): In Debt (Borrowed 30,000¥, Owes 45,000¥): The In Debt quality replaces normal karma spent on nuyen; Gear Karma: Resource Overspent: 13 of -5

Attribute-Only Tests
10 Composure   10 Judge Intentions    3 Lifting & Carrying        13 Memory

Erika MCD-1

Toxin Resistances : Toxin   Disease 

Matrix Devices ; Device Rating: 1  Attribute Array : 4 3 2 1  currently assigned as: Attack: 4, Data Processing : 2, Firewall: 1, Sleaze: 3

Matrix Initiative : 7

Matrix DR : 2 (6 vs. Black IC)  Modifications: Sim Module, Modified for Hot Sim

Programs (1/1): Exploit, Sneak, Cyberware (Essence: 0.2)

Islamic Magician
Perfect Time
Photographic Memory
Speed Reading (11 )
Positive Qualities
Brain Stem Jack (for cyberdeck) Essence: 0.1
Right Wrist Jack (for weapon Essence: 0.1

Black Backpack  Certified Credstick, Silver Dropped to Ground

Erika MCD-1

Modifications: Sim Module, Modified for Hot Sim

Programs (1/1): Exploit, Sneak

George Ishikawa (Yakuza Mid-Boss) Loyalty: 2  Connection: 4  Metatype: Human  Sex: Male  Age: 48 years old  Preferred Payment Method: Service (shadowrun job)  Hobbies/Vice: None of note  Personal Life: Knew Mayumi's father. Although he won't spend Yak resources on the girl that she doesn't earn herself, or stick his own  neck out for her, he is comfortable providing occasional fatherly advice or a gentle helpful nudge from time to time.

Jenna Reinhart (Script Kiddie/Roommate) Connection: 1 Loyalty: 2  Type: Legwork, Jobs, Mentorly Advice Chips: You and the contact are even Metatype: Human Sex: Female Age: 18 years old  Preferred Payment Method: Favors  Hobbies/Vice: Entertainment (action trideos)  Personal Life: Mayumi's roommate. the daughter of a minor aide to Ishikawa. She's a disappointment to her father and both prefer that she live away from home. Rooming allows Mayumi and Jenna to halve expenses. So far that's all they have in common. As Mayumi starts to teach Jenna 'real decking', though, that's changing. Jenna is reciprocating by introducing Mayumi to the 'common matrix' as well as Seattle culture - real and matrix.

Lexi "Rabbit" (Street Kid) Connection: 1 Loyalty: 4  Metatype: Human Sex: Female  Age: 13 years old  Type: Networking  Preferred Payment Method: Barter (easy items)  Hobbies/Vice: Nothing of Interest  Personal Life: After Jenna, Lexi was the first person Mayumi got close to in Seattle, and is the first person she'd consider a friend. Although they could not have come from different backgrounds, the two hit it off amazingly well and spend whatever time they can together talking and sharing what they feel they can (they both have stories they won't tell just yet). Lexi is showing Mayumi her world, and opening the young hacker's eyes. 

Type: Support  Gear (Cash: 720¥)

Negative Qualities
Allergy, Uncommon (Mild): Nickel
Driven (11 (4))
In Debt (Borrowed 30,000¥, Owes 45,000¥) (6)
Heal 11 [F]  Type: M  Rng: T
Spells : Improved Invisibility  11 [F] Rng: LOS  Type: P  Ram electronics 11 [F]  Type: P  Rng: T  11 [F]  Stunball  Type: M  Rng: LOS (A)  11 [F]  Stunbolt  Rng: LOS  Type: M  Renge Miyauchi

Fake SIN
Lifestyles: (1 month) Apartment in Redmond [Comforts &
Necessities (2), Neighborhood (2), Security (2), Grid
Subscription, Public Transportation]
Licenses & SINs : Renge Miyauchi (3)
Black Armored Jumpsuit 9
Modifications: Electrochromic Modification
(Health: Essence)
Dur: P DV: 11 v F-4  (Illusion: Realistic, Single-Sense)  Dur: S DV: 11 v F-1  (Combat: Direct)  Dam: P Dur: I DV: 11 v F-5  (Combat: Area, Direct)  Dam: S Dur: I DV: 11 v F  (Combat: Direct)  Dam: S Dur: I DV: 11 v F-3  Identities 

@ Brackhaus 

Congrats 2 net hits. So you know the call is coming from inside the club.


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