Chicago Background for New Players?

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« on: <02-15-15/2058:18> »
Hey all,
My Season 5 kicks off at Sci-Fi City March 6th - and I realized with some of the new players that they might not 'get' the setting of Chicago as much without...well a history lesson. 

Is there anything out there - short of a chapter of the Feral Cities - that would be ideal to give them the run down, bug brief, CZ, Bad Mojo type low down?

Totally open for suggestions here. =)




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« Reply #1 on: <02-15-15/2123:15> »
Bug City.

It's longer than a chapter (duh), but it's one of the best-written books Shadowrun has produced.  The intro chapter is a must-read for anyone, whether or not they're playing in Chicago.  If you're remotely interested in Chicago, the entire thing is worthwhile.
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« Reply #2 on: <02-16-15/0157:38> »
A timeline should suffice.  Use the one from Feral Cities, then add in 2075 that the Mayor starts Project: Takeback.

That's about as streamlined as it gets, imo.  After that, you mahzwell be giving them Feral Cities and beyond that Bug City.
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