[Resource][Drone] Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Dachshund Pest Control Drone

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Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Dachshund Pest Control Drone [Walker]

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Is proud to introduce the newest in its long line of reliable and effective specialist drones to the Public and Private sectors. Many Paranormal and Emerged animals are able to laugh off traditional pest control methods and products that have traditionally been used by exterminators. They are also much more destructive then previous vermin infestations. Many facility managers are having increased problems managing these pests in their access tunnels, Conduit pipes, sewers and other small enclosed spaces. These spaces are where vermin like Devil Rats, Bandits, Jauchekafer their ilk breed and spread disease and destruction.

The Dachshund Pest Control Drone is designed for the task or rooting out and eliminating these hard to kill pests. Armed with its integral multisprayer it is capable of dispensing whatever poison or pest repelling chemical you can imagine. And for times when you just really need to burn out a particularly bad infestation it easily converts into a conventional flamethrower in a few seconds. It is armored enough to take a beating, and with its Lizard-Toed™ walker legs, it is agile enough to navigate even the most difficult terrain. The DPCD is also fully amphibious, allowing it to operate in water, sewers or even large liquid storage tanks.

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Dachshund Pest Control Drone [Walker]
Handling: 3
Accel: 1
Speed: 3
Pilot: 3
Body: 2
Armor: 5
Sensor: 3
Avail: 8R (10F with Flamethrower)
Cost: 4,500¥ 6,000¥ with flamethrower

Std. Upgrades:
Amphibious Operation: The Dashshund is watertight and can operate both in and out of water
GecoTips : Counts as Geco gloves for the drone.
Mitsuhama MultiSprayer (Both use Light Pistol Ranges. It takes 2 complex actions to change out tanks and change nozzle)
Damage as Flamer: Damage: ACC: 4 8P AP:-4 Mode: SS Ammo:10
Damage as Sprayer:ACC: 4 Per chemical being dispensed. Reservoir carries 10 Shots.

Description: The Dachshund Pest Control Drone is a long walker style small drone that is built for narrow passageways. The “Head” of the drone is actually the nozzle for the spraying unit and its sensors. This combined with its long low profile gives it the silhouette of its name sake (as well as its general tunnel fighting purpose). The drone weighs 50kg fully loaded and measures 1m long, 1/2 meter tall and 15cm wide.
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You might want a chemical sensor of some kind to check the environment before the flamethrower let's loose.