Errata: Dawn of the Artifacts 1

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[Nitpicking mode on]

Having (focibly) close-read DotA 1, I've come across several mistakes and botch-ups to be corrected in the second edition. Here they are:

  • Contradiction at Club 77: p. 10 says: "Live entertainment—a jazz ensemble tonight—is present in the main room"; p. 9 says: "Inside [...] It's quiet". Eliminate one of the two statements.
  • Contradiction upon arrival in Lagos: The Tell It to Them Straight text on p. 12 ("When they arrive in Lagos...") says that the Igbo "Airport Security" approaches the runners outside of the airport. However, as far as the Behind the Scenes text on p. 13 goes, "The men demand a hundred-nuyen-per-person bribe to allow the group entry into the airport." Eliminate one of the two statements.
  • The Behind the Scenes text on p. 16 doesn't waste a word on giving some background about the encounter with the flesh-traders. However, for people who haven't read Feral Cities, it would be interesting to know who they are, what motives they have and which stats to use (they're not provided).
  • p. 19, Amadi Aggrey, Gear, "Summoning Focus (Ancestor)": 'Ancestor spirit' is a fluff term (as introduced on p. 97 of Street Magic, "Spirit Appearance (Cont.)"), not a game term. It's not wise to use it in a section for game terms, as it may (and sure will) confuse people. Use "Guidance" instead.
  • p. 24, Palace Matrix System, Resident Programs, Node 4: Encrypt (files): Program rating is missing.
  • p. 24, Oni Adegokes Honour Guard: The weapons lack several components (e.g. the Smartgun for the Savalette or the folding stock + integrated laser sight for the G12A3z). It would make sense to put a smartgun system in the G12 as well.
  • p. 28, Uzochi Compound (map): Funny. The most interesting room on the map (Uzochis office, where he keeps the statue) is missing altogether. I think it’s the one between rooms no. 3 and 4, but why not simply add an entry in the keys, rather than having GMs guess where it is?
  • p. 30, Uzochi Oluleye’s Soldiers: So far, the stats never listed „regular ammo“, so why do it here? The Machete isn’t part of standard equipment as listed in SR4 or Arsenal. There’s no class given for this weapon, but it should be obvious it’s a blade.
  • p. 33, AR box Ambush Tactics: There’s a background count of 3. The text concludes: “any spirit below Force 3 is disrupted if summoned” – which is wrong. Any spirit below or equal to Force 3 / below Force 4 will be disrupted instantaneously. (3-3=0)
  • p. 38 says: “(see Chase Stunts, p. 170, SR4A)”. There’s no such section in SR4A. The correct title would be “DRIVER COMPLEX ACTIONS AND CHASE STUNTS”.
  • p. 40, Apep Ork Thugs: The Urban Kshatriya Cyberware-Set contains much more equipment for the cybereyes than this (e.g. Smartlink).
  • p. 41, Hidden Allies Team: For an adept without spellcasting abilities, “Centering” doesn’t make much sense. What was meant, I think, was “Adept Centering”. The rating of the Thermal Dampening is missing.
  • p. 42 says, Frosty’s plane is a “Draco Foundation asset”. It is flown, however, by a “DIMR airplane pilot”. Although the DIMR may be an organisation under the roof of the Draco Foundation, it may be seen as a contradiction (why not have a Draco Pilot for a Draco plane?).
  • Cast of Shadows, Medjay: Given the fact that Medjay is prepared for a wild chase to the airport, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have him bear at least a small firearm?
  • Cast of Shadows, Samriel: In DotA 2, he’s got the skill Leadership 3, which was either added in DotA 2 or forgotten in DotA 1. I suggest you add it here. Same thing goes for Perception 5 (visual +2). The monofilament sword lacks an AP rating (-1). The Savalette Guardian lacks the Smartgun. The Colt M22A3 was stripped of its grenade launcher and its scope – intentionally?
  • p. 50: “In December and February, the strong Harmattan wind blows from the Sahara.” Wiki says: No. What you meant was probably “From December to February”.

[Nitpicking mode off]
That’s pretty much everything I’ve found.

I may start another list like this for DotA 2, 3 and 4 (as soon as it's out)... or maybe not, given the fact that it takes quite a lot of my time and I’m not being paid in cash or goods for anything. :P

Have fun rectifying!

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Thanks for the notes, Stalker!

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Jason M. Hardy
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I was confused by the descriptive text for Medjay in DoTA1.   His voluminous robes are quite effective at hiding his form fitting armor and myriad weapons.  But he has no weapons listed in gear. No fighting skills except his skillsofts in pistol and knife, so I'm assuming he was meant to have at least one of each of those?
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Thanks for doing this Stalker!  My copy just arrived, so I'll make the corrections accordingly.


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Jason are there plans to print these again with corrections ....provided they all sell out?
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p. 49, Samriel's skills:
Skills: Athletics Group 5(6), Close Combat Group 6(7), Demolitions 2, Dodge
6(7), Electronics Group 2, Firearms Group 5(6), First Aid 3, Influence Group 3,
Locksmith 4, Navigation 3, Pilot Ground Craft 5(6), Stealth Group 5
Qualities: Adept, Exceptional Attribute (Reaction)

The modified values for Athletics, Close Combat, Dodge, Firearms, and Pilot Ground Craft appear to come from Enhanced Articulation. However, Enhanced Articulation is only supposed to modify Physical skill tests linked to physical attributes. Close Combat, Dodge, Firearms, and Pilot are Combat & Vehicle skills, not Physical skills. (Meanwhile, Enhanced Articulation would help Infiltration and Palming, but the skill list doesn't call those skills out separately.)

If I recall correctly, Darkest Hour has the same mistake, while Midnight doesn't list skill modifiers at all.

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« Reply #6 on: <01-15-11/1239:35> »
  • p. 28, Uzochi Compound (map): Funny. The most interesting room on the map (Uzochis office, where he keeps the statue) is missing altogether. I think it’s the one between rooms no. 3 and 4, but why not simply add an entry in the keys, rather than having GMs guess where it is?
It's more like there went a whole upper floor missing, because the stairways leading to nowhere, no upper floor, no basement, nothing. It doesn't make sense without a 2. floor. ;D
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