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In keeping with my home sweet home theme tonight I present my Central Home Nodeís (CHN). These were written specifically for 5th so please let me know if you see something that doesn't make sense.

Central Home Nodeís (CHN)

The Central Home Node is the digital heart of every apartment, house and condo in 2070. It acts as a personal assistant, butler and security system for the digital age. They control and protect the wireless devices in your home, monitor the property and in some cases take care of the elderly or children when business calls. CHNs create PANs in the same way that comlinks and cyberdecks do; in fact that is their main function. These are just base systems and many people add more sensors and gadgets or upload additional software.

Name of CHN
Cost: How much you would pay for one and the cost to have it installed.
Lifestyle: Included in your lifestyle costs at this level. Cost of the subscription per month is your lifestyle is lower than rated.
Device Rating: Used for Matrix Condition Monitor like Comlinks on some lower end CHNs. They are not as powerful as true hosts and CAN be bricked.
Attribute Array: Hosts have the same ASDF as a Cyberdeck. However most CHNs are mono-configured and cannot be reconfigured.
User Modes: Whether the CHN supports AR, Cold-Sim and/or Hot-Sim.
Program Slots: These are the number of programs/Agents that the CHN can have running at one time.
Standard Programs: The standard programs that come with the base model
Additional Features: A list of devices that come with the standard package.
Upgrades: A list of optional upgrades and costs.
Description: Basic description of how the machine works and what it looks like.

ADT Secure Home
Cost: 500•/ Self Installed
Lifestyle: Low/ No subscription
Device Rating: 1
Attribute Array:  A-0 S-0 D-1 F-2
User Modes: AR only.
Program Slots: 1
Standard IC: Track
Additional Features:
Mini-weather station to let you know if you need your umbrella (Atmospheric Sensor:2)
One micro-camera to be mounted outside the front door (Camera:2)
Maglock for up to two doors (Maglock:2): 200• per door.
As many as 4 Movement Detectors (Motion Sensors:2): 200• per sensor   
Description: When Ares bought ADT to form Knight Errant they acquired the hardware and contracts for a lot of small home security systems. They still maintain the product line which consists of a small kit that can either be picked up any Weapons World or other fine retailer. The system is the size of box of playing cards and is generally attached to a wall with the included tape backing. This is a no frills system that isnít even tied into KE system to alert the police that there is a break in, but it will at least let you know if your stuff is being stolen.

Horizonís King Maker
Cost: 2,500•/500•
Lifestyle: Middle/ 50• per month.
Device Rating: 2
Attribute Array:  A-0 S-0 D-3 F-3
User Modes: AR, Cold-Sim and/or Hot-Sim.
Program Slots: 1
Standard IC/Agent: Virtual Assistant (Agent:1)
Additional Features:
Mini-weather station to let you know if you need your umbrella (Atmospheric Sensor:2)
One camera to be mounted outside the front door (Camera:2)
Large area Trid Projector.
Maglock for up to two doors (Maglock:2): 300• per door.
As many as 4 Movement Detectors (Motion Sensors:2): 200• per sensor   
VR chair: 500•. (VR chair massages limbs and contains a biomonitor to help maintain the health of the user.)
Downloadable content for VR (Variable).
Description: The Horizon King Maker is the perfect choice for lonely single wage slaves who want to get away from it all after a hard dayís work. You can kick back and watch the integrated trido projector or even leave this world behind and live the life of a King in your own virtual palace!!!

Knight Errant SecureHome

Cost: 5,000•/1,000•
Lifestyle: High/ 500• per month.
Device Rating: 3
Attribute Array:  A-2 S-1 D-3 F-4
User Modes: AR and Cold-Sim.
Program Slots: 2
Standard IC/Agent: Virtual Assistant (Agent:2), Killer, Track
Additional Features:
Two mini-cameras with Thermal (Camera:2)
Maglock for two doors (Maglock:3)
4 Movement Detectors (Motion Sensors:2).
2  Chem-sniffers (Olfactory:3)
Maglock for up to two doors (Maglock:3): 350• per door.
Additional Motion Sensors or chem-sniffers: 350• per sensor
Personal Defense Turret: Turret can be mounted anywhere within 20 meters of the CHN and can take any Pistol and has space for 20 rounds. Comes with Pistol [Targeting]:2 software. Requires a license to purchase. 3,500• per turret (gun and ammo not included) Device rating:2.
Description: For those who want to protect what they have spent a lifetime acquiring. Keep your family, reputation and valuables safe with SecureHome. Our combination of motion trackers, thermal cameras and secure doors will help to keep your home (and family) safe and sound. Our chem-sniffers will also be on the lookout for smoke, cabon monoxide and a long list of other dangerous chemicals! For those outlaw hackers that might try to snoop around will be in for a shock to find that your home is protected by our Paladin IC and Tracker IC software. And for those who worry about more violent criminals ask about or personal home defense turrets.

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