[Resource][Critter][Techno] The Stuff: a Nanotech horror

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A while ago I was on a critter trip I decided to try to make something new and nasty by pushing the SR 4th Ed. rules to the breaking point. I decided to update it to SR 5th edition. Help would be appreciated as I am still coming to grasp with the new Decking rules.

I still can't think of a good name, but I tend to think of it as grey ooze or "The Stuff". This is a nano-critter and pushing the bounds what the current system will let you do. This critter is a great way to let the party hacker have some combat glory and works even better if you have a technomancer.

The Stuff (I need a better name)
Body: X
Agility: 3
Reaction: 2
Strength: Body/2
Charisma: 1
Logic: 2
Willpower: 4
Edge: 1
Init: 5+ 4D6
Magic: 0

Condition Monitors : Body/Bodyx2
Movement: 5/25
Skills: Climbing 3, Dodge 2, Stealth 3, Perception 2, Unarmed Combat 3, Computer 2, Cybercombat 3, Hacking 3 Electronic Warfare 2
Powers: Engulf (Disassemble), Mitosis 14, Mist Form, Regeneration (Can regenerate magic damage, but only rolls Body to heal), Armor 6, Natural Weapon (Str+3 AP: -4)
Weaknesses: Allergy (EMP/EMI, Severe)

Matrix Stats: (The Stuff is always considered to be in Hot Sim and can not choose go wireless. If it is forced to jack-out it loses its Body and is forced to turn to mist for 12 hours)
Attribute Array: 5 5 4 2
Program slots: 3

Armor , Biofeedback, Encryption, Exploit, Fork,  Stealth, Track, Wrapper
Matrix Condition Monitor: 15

Notes: The stuff is not aware and is just a nano-sludge operating at a very low level consisting of get bigger and split. It is able to flow like a liquid and can disperse itself into a mist for both travel and access. It starts with a GM determined Body attribute. If it is crashed in the matrix or reduced to 0 condition monitors the critter turns into a light grey dust.

New Powers:
Engulf (Disassemble)
Type: P    Action: Complex    Range: Touch    Duration: Sustained
The Engulf power gives a techno-critter the ability to draw victims into itself, thus smothering the victim. Treat Engulf as a melee attack. If the attack succeeds, it inflicts damage (see below) and the critter engulfs the victim in its grasp. Every time the critter's Action Phase comes up, the critter automatically inflicts damage with a base DV equal to its Body attribute. Net hits on the melee attack increase the DV of this damage. The victim resists this damage normally with a Damage Resistance Test, using Body + half armor(round up) unless otherwise noted. For every 2 boxes of damage inflicted on the victim add one Body to the Engulfing creature. Engulfed victims may not move. During the victim's Action Phase, the victim may attempt to escape. Make an Opposed Test, rolling the victim's Strength + Body against the critter's Body. If the victim prevails, then he has escaped and takes no more damage from the attack.

Type: P    Action: Complex    Range: Self    Duration: Instant
Mitosis allows a critter to split into 2 equal sized critters with the body each (round down) when their body exceeds its threshold. So a critter with Mitosis 14 will be able to split into two equal critters after its Body exceeds 14. It does not need to once it reaches this point and can split at any time after it reaches this point, but it must only ever split into 2 critters. So a Mitosis 14 critter with a Body of 36 can split into two Body 18 Critters, but not 4 Body 9 critters.

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