CMP 14-08 'Shenanigans Run'

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Six runners met with the Johnson to discuss the job.  A psychotic Street Sam called Smokey due to her love of Smoke Grenades, a Hermetic, a Mystic Adept, a Blade Adept, a second Sam that served as a Tank, and a Gentry.

The negotiations went well, they were able to pull the max offer from the Johnson and take 3K up front.  Then, it all fell apart.

Legwork got them the various info, but they just couldn't put it together in any meaningful way.

Spoonfeeding led to two ways they could take down the relay station.

Surveillance netted very little information, they spotted the guard 'dogs', the cameras, and determined that there was a pressure plate in front of the gate and an RFID AR Number Pad to unlock that front gate.

They left nothing to monitor the station as they made their plan:

Have Smokey stealthily move to one side of the fence and drop a prepared casting of Trid Phantasm to create the illusion of protestors approaching, dressed as members of the group that had attacked the relay station the previous year.  Gentry would then move to the front under invisibility and open the gate and the team would move into the control booth which should be opened and minimally manned as most of the security was expected to be dealing with the illusions.

They stole a box van to transport themselves.  They asked the decker to hack the registration.  At first he refused, because he 'didn't want to get in trouble' and anyway he had his own motorcycle to get to and from the site.  They eventually convinced him that taking his own motorcycle was a bad idea and also HACK THE STUPID VAN, IT'S YOUR JOB.

At the site:

Smokey's stealth was seen through immediately, so the Security Guards caught sight of the sam planting the preparation and were thus not fooled by the illusion.

Gentry's attempt to get a mark on the front gate failed.  He immediately jacked out so that the Host wouldn't get him.

The team decided that brute force would be the answer and decided to drive their cheap, stolen from the streets box van through the front gate.  They successfully smashed the front gate, but the security being on high alert from the two failures already had their Spider at work, hacking the van and cutting the ignition.

As I informed the team that their engine had just cut out, they debated the various reasons that it might have happened.  It did not dawn on them that the van was getting hacked.  They started it up again, satisfied that it started they then proceeded to drive forward, for the few seconds it took for the van to get hacked again and the engine shut off.

They sat there for several seconds trying to decide what to do when the Earth Spirit attacked.  The Hermetic sent his own spirits to deal with the Earth Spirit (one bound Fire spirit and one summoned Beast Spirit) while the two Street Sams went in opposing directions, 45 degrees out from the van.  They began trying to destroy the transformers.  The Blade Adept followed the Tank Sam out the passenger side.  At that point, the barghests howled.  4 rounds of fear between 0 and 4.

The Hermetic, Hacker, and Mystic Adept stayed with the van which was then targeted by Ball Lightning from the enemy Mage.  They immediately scattered to keep themselves from being a grouped target.  The Hacker ran outside the gate and dropped into a ditch where he went into full VR.  The Mystic Adept ran out the passenger side.  The Hermetic ran out the driver side.

Smokey began deploying smoke grenades behind her as she ran.  Nobody understood what the point of that was as they provided her no concealment.  Tank and Blade hid behind another transformer to take stock of the situation and find the mage.

At this point, the Mage and two Security Guards are outside of the control building, along with the Troll Close Combat Specialist, who is invisible and moving towards Tank and Blade.

Smokey gets attacked by the two barghests while Tank and Blade are exchanging gunfire with the two Security Guards.  The range and darkness makes it a futile fight for both sides.

The Security Mage is just defaulting to Ball Lightning.  The Hermetic on the team decides to fight fire with fire... or electricity with electricity.  However, he's deathly afraid to overcast and his own spells are doing nothing.  The Mystic Adept tries to banish the Earth Elemental and fails spectacularly.  He then tries to overcast Ball Lightning and... fails spectacularly.  At this point, he has suffered extensive drain, along with previous damage from the original Ball Lightning attack.

In VR, Gentry finds their Spider, who is at work trying to hack Smokey's commlink.  He marks him successfully, then data spikes him.  The hacker tries to hit back but fails.

At this point, Tank tries to make his way closer to the Security Forces.  As he moves in, he is intercepted by their Troll.  The Troll swings his sword, and seeing a chance to have a sword fight, Blade moves from cover to engage.  Unfortunately, between suffering from previous minor damage, the barghest's howl, and having also made previous defense rolls this round, he realizes his mistake when the Troll attacks him and he has no defense dice to roll.  One runner goes down.

The Troll returns his attention to Tank and the two trade back and forth, both using Full Defense and neither making much headway.

The Hermetic casts his third Ball Lightning, not bothering to take any cover.  He actually hurts the Mage enough to cause a retreat, but at the same time gathered the attention of the Security Guards.  Standing there, flinging lightning from his fingers, he probably looks like a real badass.  They shoot in his direction, and despite the range and vision penalties, easily geek the mage.

Smokey manages to kill the dogs, Gentry fries the spider, but realizing they are two men down, another out of action, and still facing a nearly full complement of Security, they decide to di di mau.  Tank disengages from the Troll, they make it to the Van which starts easily now that the Spider is out of play, and they hot tail it out of there.

Blade had a DocWagon contract, so he woke up in a hospital, handcuffed to the bedrail.  Hermetic was never heard from again, and our runners have earned themselves a bit of notoriety and public awareness.

Oh, and they owe Mr. Johnson 3k each.

And that, chummers, is how NOT to take down a Relay Control Station.
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Towards the end of a busy day back in the office, this was a welcome break.  Ahh, players!
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Think I might share this with my player group just for the lulz.
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heh we were like that in my first shadowrun game. Our groups street name was "The Daylight Striders" In our minds there were few problems that couldn't be solved by a van full of assault rifles. Ahhh the good old days
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