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So what is the Krime corporation?

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Title says it all, which corp does Krime belong to?

They are their own corporation, at the moment.  There's no mention as to whether or not they are owned by another corporation, nor is there any need for it to be so.  The Big 10 AAAs are powerful and all that, but they don't control everything.  Unaffiliated AAs and As exist out there. 

Their manufacturing facilities are located in Europe as per Gun H(e)aven 2, if that's any help. 

Based on Red Anya's procurement of multiple Krime weapons, I do wonder if they're somehow not a manufacturer for the Vory.  Or, because they tend to favor metahumans, owned (at least in part) by Evo.  But based on what we know right now, MijRai is correct - the company is an unaffiliated independent manufacturer.

Or perhaps they are like the "Bandit" weapons in the Borderlands games... a decentralized production venture by people with robotic mills (or access to parts production facilities of actual companies, who can churn out some extras on their shift -- and smuggle them out somehow), which are then purchased, assembled, and shipped to those who order them by various street entrepreneurs. The production "cells" would necessarily be isolated enough to prevent a megacorp from shutting them down, as well as keeping organized crime from taking them over.
If Krime isn't like this, some other entity should be.


--- Quote from: BetaCAV on ---If Krime isn't like this, some other entity should be.

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Quite true - for the time being, we only have the Streetline Special as an example of just what you're talking about.  Though Gun H(e)aven 2 did have a whole section on the Moms and Pops.  Weirdly (to me) enough, Cavalier and Browning are both listed in there.  Presumably this is because they aren't owned by a AAA corp.


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