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Want to form a game? (Dead Thread)

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Cool I did it at 1am without a generator so I think its alright will look later to make sure and flesh him out after work.

FYI I'm in the UK

Here's links to the current threads.
When you're finished with your character you may want to post it over in OOC. I don't think we're gonna keep using this thread for anything. Also, we've started the mission. Jump in anytime.

I'd like to apologize for my lack of effort broke my computer and lost my internet. maybe i'll get in on a game later sorry for wasting your time. Have fun all


I'm real sorry to hear that, Switch. We were wondering what happened to you.

I might start GMing a run in the next week or so, so keep your eyes out for that. Right now I'm brushing up on my rules for it. Should be real fun. It will probably be a couple days before recruitment starts. I'm only gonna take people who aren't already playing in a game (I'll take GMs though). It's gonna be roleplay heavy and have some nice action too.

I'll PM you when recruitment starts. Will probably be 4 player.


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