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Would you recommend a tranq pistol with narcojet? or a stun gun?

Michael Chandra:
Stun gun, since that also works against drones and spirits.

Goodcall. Just realized it uses the pistol skill as well.

you can also use capsule rounds + DMSO + Narcoject and turn any gun you want into a non lethal weapon. You can avoid costly exotic weapon proficiency that way if you don't mind the light pistol ranges on capsule rounds

Or a good ol' magician with the Magic Fingers and Fling spells; and the Narcoject and Laes drugs. Fling a hypodermic needle into an unarmored spot, Magic fingers the needle away; end result is usually an unconscious person with no obvious traces. And then you have a whole slew of magic to work with that is not lethal.

Although, I'm not sure by the OP if the character is mundane or not, so that might not work.


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