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Reading the second question of the FAQ, I would say, in your situation, that you shuffle your discard (if your deck is empty) and revealed the remaining cards you need to resolve the ability.

The question in the FAQ is about empty deck and empty discard, so implicitely it means you shuffle the discard in the situation you described for Press the Advantage (I do so also for Deathtouch).  I regard "draw" and "reveal" as the same effects but with the difference that "draw" means to automatically add the card to your hand ("reveal" means that other actions on the revealed cards will occur, which might or might not lead to be included in your hand).

Not an english speaker here and on iphone, sorry for weird sentences and syntax. :)

Rules page 18 answers your question too:

--- Quote ---In addition, if you are told to do something like reveal cards
from the top of your deck, and you don’t have enough cards in
your deck, do as many as you can, and then reshuffle your discard
into a new deck and continuing following the instructions until
you have completed them. If you run out of cards in your deck and
don’t have a discard pile, stop drawing cards or doing whatever
actions that require you to have more cards in your deck.
--- End quote ---

We added a FAQ item:

Q: What number is Karma scaling based on? Is it total earned Karma, or Karma I’ve spent on upgrades and unlocking slots? The rules say it’s based off of total Karma, but the tables on the missions say “Karma in Upgrades”. Which is it?
A: It is based off of total earned Karma. For example, if your character has earned 15 Karma, 5 of which has been spent on an upgrade and 10 of which is still unused, you nevertheless take the Karma penalty based on having earned 15 Karma. The “Karma in Upgrades” heading is incorrect.

Jay Schneider
Design Producer
Shadowrun: Crossfire

The Tekwych:
Any one else notice the Crossfire logo and link are no longer in the header of the main page?


--- Quote from: The Tekwych on ---Any one else notice the Crossfire logo and link are no longer in the header of the main page?

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I do not see any link on the website.


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