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I'd like to resurrect PACKs for 5th Edition for inclusion with Chummer5.  While PACKs that include things covered by the priority system don't work within 5th Edition very well there are other PACKs that would work just fine. Anything with cyberware, bioware, gear, weapons, armor, and/or vehicles works just fine.  So I'm coming to the community and asking for your help in designing PACKs that would work within 5th Edition so that I can include them in Chummer5.

Weapons and ammo kits, bug out kits, kitted-out drones, rigger vans, go wild with it and let's see what we can build.  Thank you!

Per your request, I have come up with some ideas for these, but I'm not sure exactly how to go about implementing these PACKs.  Is there a file I can create and post or link here or something?

What I had in mind was to just post them here as text. For example (and this is a rough example):

Bug Out Kit (Total Cost 15269)
5000Fake ID (Rating 2)400Fake License (Firearms) (Rating 2)400Fake License (Driver) (Rating 2)1084 Spare Clips of Regular Ammo (11 shots each)1862 Spare Clips of Stick-n-Shock Ammo (11 shots each)2005Certified Credstick with 2000 Nuyen1220Colt America L36 Light Pistol with Silencer, Concealed Quick Draw Holster, and Laser Sight450Armor Clothing100Helmet5000Yamaha Growler4001 month payment on a Hideaway (Squatter, Cramped, Dangerous Area, Obscure/Difficult to Find)

For when money is your dump priority...

Runner Essentials - 6k
Resources "E"       Total Cost   $5650
Fichetti Security 600                       350   
30 rounds regular ammo                  60   
30 gel rounds                                   75   
30 rounds explosive                       240
2 extra clips                                      10   
Concealable Holster                       150   
Armor Jacket                                 1000   
Meta Link Commlink                       100   
Trodes                                              70   
Fake SIN Rating 1                         2500   
Low Lifestyle 1 month                    1000   
Plastic Restraints (10)                        5   
Stealth Tags (10)                              10   
Sensor Tags (10) (audio, video)        40   
Smoke Grenade (1)                           40   

Runner Essentials - 26k
Resources "E" +10 karma      Total Cost    $25,970
Ares Predator V                                     725   
60 rounds regular ammo                       120   
30 gel rounds                                          75   
20 rounds explosive                               160   
3 extra clips (capacity 15)                       15   
Concealable Holster                              150   
Armor Jacket                                        1000      
Hermes Ikon Commlink (Rating 5)        3000      
Trodes                                                       70   
Fake SIN Rating 4                               10000
Fake License Rating 4                            800
Low Lifestyle 1 month                           1000   
Plastic Restraints (10)                               5   
Stealth Tags (10)                                    10   
Sensor Tags (10) (audio, video)             40   
Medkit Rating 3                                       750   
Yamaha Growler                                    5000   
Glasses (capacity 3)                                300   
    Flare compensation                             250   
    Thermographic                                    500   
    Smartlink                                           2000   

Field/Combat Medic Kit (4,000:
This kit has everything the combat medic needs for treating emergency trauma; a fully stocked medkit, stabilization meds and a biomonitor for continual diagnostics, as well as a slap patch full of slab for when you have to leave a man behind.

 300 Biomonitor
1500 Medkit [Rating 6]
 450 Chem Patch [Slab]
 750 Stim Patch x5 [Rating 6]
1000 Trauma Patch x2

Infiltration Kit (15,000:
The infiltration kit contains everything the modern thief could ever need to penetrate even the most heavily fortified residence or corporate office.

1700 Chameleon Suit
1000   +Thermal Damping [Rating 2]

1500 Autopicker [Rating 6]
 300 Data Tap
 250 Endoscope
 250 Gecko Tape Gloves
 500 Hardware Kit
8000 Maglock Passkey [Rating 4]
 250 Miniwelder
1000 Sequencer [Rating 4]
 250 White Noise Generator [Rating 6]


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