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I was maybe 8 or 9 when the Night of rage happened, and while things weren't great, they were a lot better than what happened up in Seattle. I think the local response was so muted in fact due to the fact that the "freaks" were usually just as heavily armed as the bigots, sometimes we were more heavily armed. I mean trying to supress a troll is bad enough but when that troll is being backed up by a half dozen rednecks with shotguns and rifles, well that just gets real ugly real quick. If you want specifics i'll tell ya, but gods i wonder how anyone either survived that night much less avoided going to prison.

James Bostwick (age 52)

"Yeah, I've read Erhan's "Humans & the Cycle of Magic." With all the research that we've done, sure, he's right. Magic/non-magic cycles are roughly 5,125 years. But Erhan obviously didn't know about Radiometric dating, that's for sure. Talk about Elven arrogance. "Sixth Age" my ass. Our rock is 4.5 billion years old. Even with a conservative 2 billion years ago for the emergence of life on this planet, and thus giving rise to a "living planet" capable of sustaining some amount of mana, that means there's been almost 400,000 Ages! Taking Erhan at his word, the First Age would have begun around 23,600 BC, but the Paleolithic Era, where stone tools were developed, began around 2.5 million years BCE. Which means that there were 480 or so cycles before the so-called First Age! Erhan ignores or disagrees with both scientific fact and that Young Earth Creationist crap about a 6,000 year old Earth. He doesn't choose a side, he just makes up his own rules. Again. Elven arrogance."

-Dr. Jenna Cominsky, MIT&T Professor of Geomancy, 43 years old.

The world has changed, all within my lifetime. Oh, it will keep on changing and I know Iím not gonna see it change back to anything near what it had been while Iím still breathing. I have seen new races born into this world once again, and I have seen a once great nation that I loved die a slow and painful death.

Dragons came, and with a few notable exceptions they didnít go to try and eating everyone like my generation had been raised to expect through various movies of our youth. Hell, I laughed my ass off when olí Aden practically nuked Tehran, those idiots had had it comin for years. Iím just glad that the old boy showed his true stripes in doing it, you canít trust no one who will hang their kin out to dry for their own skins. Iíll tell ya another thing, I donít hold it against old Howling Coyote or the NAN what they did neither. It was the death knell of this old country, but you look after your people, you look after your kin, and you especially do it in the face of a government thatís rounding them up for no good reason other than they are a little different than the rest. Still, a part of me mourns that grand old nation that I lost. Hell, it was lost before I even graduated high school, and that was long before the awakening. Then again, most of what I miss is probably what a lot of us old timers lament the loss of, the golden glow of never was.

CRHunt 93


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