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Usda Beph:
So my Daugher's friends are starting a Runner adventure and our party as I know it consists of a Weapons Spec/Sniper (Human IIRC), An Elf Face, Elf Smuggler (IIRC) and My Minotaur Street Samuri. We have another potentual player who probably go Dwarven Rigger? Does this stack up ok for a team of Runners in a non Magic/Matrix World? Our GM wants to feel out the rules for the basic game befor we add Magic/Cyber combat.


For the first game, it sounds good. Since everyone's pretty new, I'd recommend sticking to just the Core Rulebook for now. As things progress and everyone gets a better feel for the game, then you can bring in magic and also some of the Advanced Rules from the other books like Runner's Companion, Street Magic, Arsenal and Augmentation.

Usda Beph:
Thanks Fast. Most of our characters are out of the Core... To my knowledge. My race is not a big stretch as Min Is a Troll with fancier horns. ;D

Doc Chaos:
The prophecy says, if you want to introduce Magic slowly you could start slow with KI Adepts and Mystic Adepts, Magic users who can't astrally project, just perceive.

Usda Beph:
Thanks Doc. I believe that is our next addition once the GM feels comfy.


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