New member looking for a game!

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« Reply #30 on: <11-27-10/0155:05> »
There any room for one more in either of your games Kontact? I am itching to play the fox shifter I have here, but an alternate I have is a gun (pistols) adept that I like to try out.

Other then that, I'm pretty much game to play any concept.


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« Reply #31 on: <11-27-10/0237:39> »
Well, I'm not sure how this Chicago game is going.. It started at a rough time, what with all the turkeys and stuffing flooding the states.

If things keep this pace though, I might start the Portland game as well.   You characters would likely fit better there, anyway.  Chicago kills dual-natured beings and an adept would be at his weakest right when things are at their worst.  And the Po-town game would work fine if it started with a few players and gathered more as certain situations come to a head with the different powers.   Might be fun for part-time players to jump into the game as hired guns.

In other words, check back with me after the holidays.  I'll know what's up then.
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« Reply #32 on: <11-27-10/2148:00> »
Hey Kontact, if you decide to run the Portland game, can i get a spot in that too?  Since AJ is doing Ruckus in Chi-town that would give me a chance to run the Amerind Face-Adept I originally wanted to do for Portland.  I will start putting it back together.


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« Reply #33 on: <11-29-10/0717:45> »
I have time to do both games. I'd like to be a mage or a soldier/bounty hunter in that one. 8)
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« Reply #34 on: <12-01-10/1457:32> »
Any free places, people? :P
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