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Greetings everyone, as you can see I'm Meltd0wn, and cant wait to get to know everyone on the boards.

I played the original SR (and yes 2nd ed.) and it was my favorite campaign of all the games I had played but then I took a break from all RPGs for several years, and now I'm back I have a handful of 4th ed. books and I'm planning to start running a game in a couple of months.  I'm still getting caught up on the added history and the changes to the system (and the world), so bare with me at first.

A  pleasure to meet you! :)

Welcome back to the fold, Meltdown.  If you have any rules questions or GMing concerns, just poke around here on the forums, find the right spot, and ask away!


Hi everyone, good to see that the forums are up and working =)

Long time 'runner here, a big fan of 4A so far.

Hoi chummers!  Welcome to the boards!

Just remember, never trust an elf, and never deal with a dragon!


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