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SR5 question about packs


New to SR, and only been exposed to SR5.  I am gathering from this forum that this is a rules feature that has not yet been introduced, but I am interested in using these groupings for easy equipment purchase.  Going through the different posts, I have a couple questions I'm hoping someone can help me with. 

I see in some posts a reference back to a supplement abbreviated AR.  What book was that?  I did not find anything with those initials on Drive Thru RPG.

Gecko Grips - I'm thinking they are pretty much a sticky grip that helps insure a good hold on the weapon.  I'm guessing it adds a couple of dice to any rolls for holding onto a weapon?


Michael Chandra:
SR4 Arsenal was abbreviated as AR in the Index info. Run&Gun will likely have all content except the vehicle content from Arsenal, modified to SR5.

Thank you Michael


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