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I was pondering, whilst I floundered about for data, is there tech which could help a mundane recognize magical beings or defenses? Maybe not by actually helping him to preceive them, but my measuring types of energy around him/her?

Seeing as how I have yet to pick up the arsenal source, I thought I would ask.

Manatech, Arsenal, p64.

Includes things like AMP (Ambient Magical Potentiometer) - can detect background counts of Astral Space; Esprit "Petite Brume" Grenade - a smoke grenade that impedes astral perception; Glowands - tip of the wand glows when within 10 centimeters of astral activity; and Lucifer Lamp - a lamp with a filament laced with orichalcum, making it shed light on the physical and astral planes.

Geez, I feel like such a noob. I really need to pick up Arsenal, if only my jobs paid more. I can barely afford my soy-caf...

The wonders of modern science: Arsenal for $12 at

Personally, I consider Arsenal, Augmentation, and Street Magic necessary extensions of the core rulebook.  The electronics/hacker/decker stuff not so much (because of the nature of the games I tend to play and the characters I tend to run), but A, A, and SM are simply must-haves.  There's so much stuff in there that's applicable to so many types of characters, I'd feel naked without 'em.


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