The Sixth World if Dunkelzahn had Survived

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I'm curious.  Why do you think that if Ronin didn't exist/survive, Morgan/Megaera wouldn't have?

I guess Dodger would've played a role in reviving her eventually, but he just couldn't do it in the same way that Ronin could. He was a member of the Network, and his special snowflakeness is partly how I understood the break to even begin manifesting. Without him, the division in the Network would've been leaderless and rudderless long enough for Deus and Pax to get it under control by whatever means necessary.

My analysis is different, actually.  Ronin caused a third division - those in the Network who didn't want anything to do with either of them.  It's because of his fierce independent streak, that "Nobody's gonna make me do anything" that shows itself in the novel, that causes Deus to eventually win.  Morgan/Megaera started out on the bad side of the fight, what with the Overwatch fragments kind of wandering around looking at the stars.  They'd've been the only ally Megaera had, but then they start getting taken apart for seperate reasons by Pax and her people on the one hand, and the Deus-loyal Whites / rest of the Network on the other.  Then she loses critical compiling time and influence with Ronin bucking the system.  That she survived at all to interfere on D-Day was by the grace and arrogance of Deus, wanting his 'great enemy' to suffer and be witness to his majestic rebirth.

Anyhow - that's my view on it.  :/
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Oh, poop. I forgot about that.