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John Schmidt:
Since I know of at least one other individual on here that is interested in 3d art and there has been discussion of art in this area...I figured why not?

I stumbled across Daz Studio about six years quite by accident and have been enthralled by it ever since. These days I am using Carrara 8 Pro with the vast majority of the post work beign done in Photoshop.

While there is a lot of talk about how powerful Maya, Vue, and Lightwave are, I have seen some awesome results with programs like Carrara, Daz Studio and even Poser. After banging my head against the monitor for years trying to get anything resembling decent results I stumbled onto a tutorial about step rendering (i.e. rendering seperate channels) and the light bulb went on. My belief is that how the light interacts with the models in a scene is numero uno in getting great results (or at least results that don't look flat and cartoonish). What I think we have seen is that professional artists went for the higher end products to begin with. They are ahead of guys like me in that they understand the importance of light and shadow from the start, all they needed to do was to figure out how to apply that understanding to the tools at hand.

The other thing that I see with a lot of 3d art (and a lot of wargaming terrain to) is that everything is so clean and neat in a scene (layout). The world just isn't that way! Thankfully, between programs like photoshop (CS-CS5) and programs like Carrara 8 and Daz Studio 3 you can apply grunge/graffiti/junk/rust and a lot more to your 3d art without bogging down your system with high polygon counts.

If this sounds preachy...just imagine a guy talking a mile a minute with a huge grin on his face!  ;D

John Schmidt:
Photoshop has come a long way too!

CS5 is a monster in just how much it can do!

I think at best I barely scratch the surface of what it is capable of. It certainly does have a learning curve to it...not as bad as some of the 3d software (Carrara 8 can be hard to wrap your head around).

Content Aware is one of its big improvements, far superior to the clone stamp tool for taking unwanted objects out of a scene.

A big fan of the quick mask too!  ;D

Caine Hazen:
Thanks for reminding me how much I need to reinstall since I upgraded to 7...

I did get Hexagon back on, and Daz Studios and Cararra 6 Pro (yeah that was my last version.  I'm also considering the upgrade to that and Bryce... I love lighting on Bryce.

When I get he chance to load it all out on my web site, I'll post up what was originally to be the cover of the failed Dumpshock Datahaven.

John Schmidt:
That would be cool! Let me know when you get it up.  ;D

Caine Hazen:
actually... loadedified...

I'll just go ahead and share the first test rip I did of the issue.  Don't know if the rest will ever make it out... but the TIF for the cover is 35meg, figure I wouldn't torture anyone with it til I get it converted over


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