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So how do I get my rank up? And what did I do to get a - sign?

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I really want to be liked and I don't know what I did. If I knew I'd correct it. :-\

Rank goes up from posting, and that's it.  It's really just a cool shadowrunner-ish name attached to post count, but sadly not post quality.  Please do us all -- and yourself! -- a favor and don't worry about it.  The last thing we need is everyone worrying about forum ranks and just have them spamming the joint up.  We have enough spammer-bots doing that for us.  ;)

And I wouldn't sweat the -1.  They're sadly anonymous (completely so, even admins can't magically look into the servers and find out who did it, or when, or from what thread/post of yours), and as such ultimately pretty worthless.  I figure you shouldn't take it personally that someone didn't like what you said, but didn't dislike it strongly enough to stand up and disagree with you like a grown-up.  

Also, I just gave you a +1 to balance you out in a karmic sense, and make you feel a little better.   ;D

Yeah, don't worry about it. Post useful and entertaining information and you'll be applauded more.

thanks ;D I'm really starting to like this forum

Usda Beph:
Let's see... I was smited for a really bad pun I posted. Which when it comes to those I find it appropriate, and I was also smote for disagreeing with the common opinion in a thread. To the best of my knowledge I was being polite as I disagreed but then again not everyone thinks/speaks the way I do so I am not worried to much. The more you post the more you'll elicite appause and the occasional smite. Don't sweat it, it just means you're an established forum rat! :)


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