Initiatory Groups and Submergance Guilds for Season 4

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« on: <11-12-10/0152:03> »
One of the changes we're instituting for Season 4 is that we're disallowing players to create their own Groups and Guilds in Season 4.  Sort of.

Groups (and Guilds) are supposed to be a big deal.  And in a home game, they can be.  They're not supposed to just be something you do to get cheaper initiations.  Due to the limits of Missions play, though, that's really all they became.  So because of this, we're changing the open policy a little bit.

Players can still create their own Magical Group (or Technomancer Gu8ild), but they now need to send the Group through the Missions team for approval.  With new groups, we'll be looking at several criteria, but mainly we want to make sure that they're Interesting, that they serve a function that no other active Group already fills, and most importantly, that they're balanced.  Now, balance is subjective, and we realize that, but basically, there needs to be a cost, an upkeep involved with joining a group.  Since Missions can't involve the roleplaying side of a Group, nor can we really utilize a group as a plot hook or plot point easily, there needs to be more to it.  It can be as simple as a monthly fee that you need to maintain, or something like an Oath or a specific code of conduct you need to maintain.  Something that has some effect on members of the group.

The plan is that several times a year, we'll release "Mission Briefing" PDFs to the Missions website.  These will talk about the campaign, maybe include a little fiction, and most importantly, will have the official Groups and Guilds published in them.

So, for those that have Groups and Guilds in the current season, if you're interested in transferring them over, start thinking about them now.  Write them up and drop me a line at missions(at) and we can see about making these official Groups for use in Season 4 and beyond!



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« Reply #1 on: <11-12-10/0833:15> »
Does this mean that Missions will also provide a list of groups in existence already that PCs may be able to join? I'm thinking of the networking potential here, both inside and outside of the game. If I want to create a group but get rejected because there's a similar group already in existence in Seattle, then maybe CDT or the Forums could provide a way for me to contact that group and join them officially.